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Billionaires, the Most Oppressed Group in the World

Billionaires, the Most Oppressed Group in the World

Michael Dell of Dell, Howard Schultz of Starbucks and Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins get dunked on by facts, logic and a 70% marginal tax rate. Hasan Piker breaks down how dumb and greedy these titans of the industry actually are. http://tyt.com/hasan

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  1. Why should people who work harder pay more taxes?? 1 tax rate for everyone, dont be classist.

  2. Not even Norway, Sweden or Denmark is close to a 70% rate. Stop lying you half wit…

  3. If a billionaire could make 15.000 loafs of bread. An imagrant could make 5 loafs bread and hasan is a few slices short of a loaf of bread, how many nazis are there?

  4. You mean they are hoarding all if our wealth, right. Cause if they aren't paying their fair share they are stealing from the public

  5. Wow congratulations Hassan you just won the argument that literally nobody made

  6. To be fair, Switzerland is not in the EU 😉

  7. We should tax billionaires too. We should significantly tax anyone worth over 5 million dollars. The Billionaire test is a litmus/purity test. You can be worth 500 million, but a billion??? Its stupid. Anyone worth more than 5 million can get taxed at a greater rate.

  8. Billionaires don’t want to be citizens but above citizens or what they referred us as (our slaves). Orange man bad.

  9. Broke conservatives will protect the wallets of the rich before they will protect their own.

    This is America.

  10. You mean the people that could choose to live a private life and surround themselves by "yes men"

  11. Threatening people with violence. Hate speech is bad only when right wing does it.

  12. Which successful European country has 70% top marginal tax rate?

  13. If you worked as hard as you protest …if you created products as smartly as you create excuses, you would be a billionaire too.

  14. I love it, 70% or 100% with a nice little Nazi punch for emphasis!!

  15. I can't believe how many of you limb dicked shit heads have bought into the idea that anyone can become rich if they just keep going like the obedient little engine that could. If that's true then why haven't you done it? Why wouldn't everyone become a millionaire? A work ethic is much to ask so it's probably the fact that there's simply not enough to go around and these rich assholes hoarding more money than they could ever spend if they tried have you thinking that they as a single human are entitled to bathe in their greed while their fellow man starves, while your loved ones starve. If anyone truly can side with this level of disgusting greed then you deserve everything that happens because of it

  16. Michael Dell, if you feel that donating your wealth directly works better, you are in luck. Donating what you made lowers your tax liability.

    I'm sure you already knew that…

  17. The multi-millionaires and billionaires don't realise that if they don't freely give up some of their money as taxes now when the revolution comes they will lose it all.
    The rich keeping their money and not spreading it into the economy is analogous to the Murrumbidgee river in Australia where there was not enough flow which promoted an algal bloom. The economy will stagnate and die just like the thousands of fish that suffocated in the non-flowing water.

  18. Socialists: We should take all the rich peoples money!
    Also Socialists: Why are the rich complaining about being attacked?

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