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Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian First Pictures Together

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna first pics emerge and we found out how Khloe Kardashian kicked them out of he house.

Starring Chloe Melas

Produced & Directed By @ginoorlandini

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  1. Is this chyna whatever his/her name is a tranny?

  2. If you support Kylie on wat she did, im guessing you are a side chick 2

  3. Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian – whether they are using each other I think they are helping each other in the process.

  4. Kanye needs to talk to his brother in law and tell him to leave that damn dog alone

  5. I don't think anyone ever told the Ks that they're white.

  6. team blac chyna and rob because you never ever saw rob out with his family ever taking pictures or excersing but until recently he does it with chyna go head…TBH I believe the Kardashian fam is ashamed of him…..that's why he never went to any of their weddings like Kim's and proceeded numerous amounts of time to call her a whore and slut and many other demeaning things he isn't in it to love somebody who doesn't give a shit about him and that is jus my opinion

  7. team Chloe and the Kardashians

  8. Team rob!! I want him to be happy

  9. Black Chyna !! Kylie stole your man and your baby's father so do your thang girl!

  10. Team Chyna +Rob if she makes rob happy and that who he love enough to even marry👰 later on in the future that more power to the both of them until hoey oops Khloe can tell us where is the real Lamar is at she obsolete in my book I can only speak for myself so I'm team Rob&Chyna 💯💯💯+💯💯💯 😍😍😍😍

  11. Team Rob because I just want him to be happy and if he has to be with Chyna to do so, his sisters should understand.

  12. I don't like Kylie at all, but I have to say..this is a straight up sneaky dirty ass whore move by Blac Chyna, Period! She purposely did this to cause trouble between family members…she'll get her karma tho. I just hate that Rob is going to get his heart broken…that's the last thing he needs right now! Poor Rob. 🙁

  13. why da fuk is rob fucking with her EW

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