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Black Holes 101 | National Geographic

At the center of our galaxy, a supermassive black hole churns. Learn about the types of black holes, how they form, and how scientists discovered these invisible, yet extraordinary objects in our universe.
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Black Holes 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. A black hole is a region in space where the force of gravity is so strong, not even light can escape. What intrigues the most about these mysterious objects in our universe?

  2. What about quantum entanglement if we release one photon inside the black hole and keep the another photon with us which is entangled with that photon so it is possible that they can share information between them like changing the spin

  3. Hope i become superman one day and fly through a black hole 🕳

  4. Black hole:who enter my path will be swallowed
    Earth:so what your name?
    Black hole:I am not remember,can I eat you?

  5. Light is not a massive object then how it can be attracted by a black hole as we know gravity is alwaya exist between two massive bodies

  6. This is nature not a science

  7. There is only one Allah
    Created these we were taught us in the holy Koran and that black holes are the destinations that human being cannot go further forever just our limitations to earth 👌❤❤

  8. TARS! Set the excitement to 100%

  9. did you know? there's a blackhole in uranus

  10. Well black hole is not a HOLE….it has a surface and a mass…..They are called as MECO (Magnetospheric eternally collapsing objects)

  11. What if we live in a black hole already??
    And we've known the laws in which live?

  12. But, bht, but god, and the bearded hippie, right conservaturds?

  13. We as creature and the earth are nothing in this part of world but still human can easily travel in the moon, mars Its going to happen soon but i think its just 0.01%.

  14. They were you thinking about doing this message and delete and destroy any questions

  15. These are not black holes…these are actually an ECO/MECO… eternally collapsing objects

  16. Love outer space its infinite and i love jus the thought of that we arent even a spec when it comes 2 the universe amazing stuff

  17. Mahadev can destroy this black hole

  18. LIES!!!
    Blackholes are Flat..

  19. I wanna be an astrophysics but even though I’m good at science and love stuff about space I’m not the best in math.

  20. What happens if I am devoured by it? Will my soul(transformed energy) be trapped in there forever?

  21. Is it true that if we travel at the speed of light we will be converted into energy? As Suggested by newton's e=mcsquare

  22. RIP Stephen King, the inventor of black holes

  23. it's all lies. Just because our visual spectrum cant see it.
    At least call it an african american hole to be nicer.

  24. Is black hole are really or they are collapsing objects?

  25. This is one of the reasons why i want to study astronomy and astrophysics in University, because I think it's both beautiful and interesting

  26. To put it plainly, it's a gate for the alien race.

    There are 2 kinds of blackholes. It's like domestic and international, so to speak.

    The first kind of blackhole brings aliens to another part of the same universe.

    The second kind of blackhole brings aliens to an entirely different universe.

    Aside from the diversification of creation, to put it plainly, simple and in earthly language, aliens do surveying and maintenance services.

    They are smart for an entity that is of the physical realm, to fulfill surveying and maintenance services from one and the same God, the living God of Israel, the God Head.

  27. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. not only other scientists,our indian scientist named "chandra shekar"was also researchd on Blackholes.

  29. More in depth video please?

  30. So much things we don't know and still can observe anything else than A single theory of black hole. But why they still observing black holes? Maybe we can figure the gravitaion what are really looks like and bear some theory that can be used for surviving from the end of the universe

  31. its like we are kept in a box and the entry hole is the black hole amd they increased the gravity so we dont go there ….

  32. Thet are so scary. I want them to go away! 🙁

  33. Black hole is the doorway to earth 2. Lol

  34. My name Means HORIZON in Hindi…😀
    My Parents kept it bcoz nobody can touch that place.

  35. Black whole – since it keeps us unified

  36. I like the fact that a black hole very likely is 1.not visually “black” and 2.not a “hole” lol

  37. I have had first hand experience with black holes. Trust me, you want to stay away from them.

  38. Can't wait for the first image of Black Hole!!

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