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BlackBerry Motion review

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  1. There coming! Sent from key 2! 👍👍👍yes camera isn't all that but who cares battery lasts days. Nice to have something different

  2. Best blackberry I owned so far. Ty blackberry for this amazing experience.

  3. In Europe is 390 Euro But This Blackberry Phone it's ok For This Money Not Like Iphone 7wich Is not Worth the 550 Euro :-)!!!

  4. weak specs. not sure what you're paying for

  5. Actually pretty nice for a blackberry 😂

  6. I bought it. Great phone, 4 GB of ram, long battery life, great build quality. My third blackberry and hopefully many more.

  7. Hey. Could I purchase that motion from you?

  8. As of June 2018 it's $400…that's a great price

  9. For the sake of all that's holy, ditch the annoying music.

  10. Sounds like an extremely unremarkable phone…thanks will avoid at all costs.

  11. Thanks for the calm review! More people should do it like this. I am going to get this Phone.

  12. Having a battery issue ? Anyone know how to fix. Won’t turn on now !

  13. Unfavorable review against Blackberry phones as usual! He focuses on the most irrelevant aspects of the phone, such as they convenience key that he couldn't remember that it was the conveniece key. Sounds like a personal problem, not the fault of the phone design. How about mentioning the secure design of the software that is superior to all others? Well crafted phone that is very underrated!

  14. Could this work with a samsung watch?

  15. I'll buy it as my secondary phone

  16. I think now with BlackBerry a software company, the phones should be very secure. Always had BlackBerry phones and still do and I think that security is number one feature for me in any phone. Interesting to see new 2018 BlackBerry phones and base my decision.

  17. rubbish phone rubbish price, redmi 4 prime guys

  18. I'm glad it has off screen button

  19. Endgadget has some of the worst editing. Loud ass music. Crap reviewers. Hell, recently they added a 480p video. Thumbs down.

  20. Good phone , best battery , feels good to not worry about your battery dying

  21. Its 435 dollars in the USA now. I am going to buy one.

  22. Blackberry always seem to miss it on the price, everything thing else is okay. If I had to choose I'd go for the oneplus 5t

  23. I am getting it on FEB. It's waterproof, dust proof, good battery, and security. Thats the main things I need.

  24. Battery amazing hardware amazing yes it's 625 but it works so smooth and fast

  25. This review ducks. He introduces two phones that no one has ever heard of at the end that are same price. There is just no winning with these Samsung or Apple fan boys. They want you to go out and spend over thousand dollars on phone. This phone seems to do almost 100% of what those phones can do minus the skipped beat once and a while and the wireless charging.

  26. why is the bottom bezel so ridiculous in size? it kills the slick design for me.

  27. Hmmmmm🤔, it's a phone. Uhhhhh how does it do with, I don't know…uhhhh… Phone calls?

  28. fail…i'd rather buy a OP 5T for the price this phone offers

  29. Not sure I dig an underwhelming android device…outdated chipset…meeehhh

  30. What if I just love their software keyboard? No mention of it in the review.

  31. U complain about everything…produce your own brand nerd

  32. I miss my Blackberry! I'd buy this!

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