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‘Blindingly obvious’ that MBS ordered Khashoggi murder: report l Breaking news

A US Department of State official, who has seen a version of the CIA’s assessment on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has said it is “blindingly obvious” that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing.
On Tuesday, the official told ABC News on the condition of anonymity that it was “blindingly obvious” and there was an “overwhelming consensus that the leadership is involved”.
However, the official acknowledged that the words “probably” and “likely” are used when attributing the death to Prince Mohammed, ABC News reported, adding that the source noted that CIA analysis reports rarely include explicit conclusions.
US President Donald Trump has been facing increasing pressure to take tougher measures against Saudi Arabia before the expected release of an official report into Khashoggi’s murder.
Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington, DC.

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  1. I don't know the truth, i can not judge only God can.

  2. Turkey doesn’t mind who did what, as long as it’s standing with the USA is not at stake. And apparently Donald trump has put a real price on Amanda life. This man is morally bankrupt. I feel so badly for this poor mans family… it is appalling that a person can kill another man, because no one will stop him. I’m very afraid for my country here 🙁

  3. Afraid…Americans normally wont face power.normally goes against weak. Lol

  4. God will panish mbs pig is more important than u

  5. islam brutally has been killing without mercy since muhamad their so called prophet .Jesus is exposong islam

  6. Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) – aka "Mr Bone Saw"

  7. Everyone complains why the U.S. thinks they are leaders of the free world. Yet everyone is looking to the U.S. to lead on every world issue.

  8. so important to his second term

  9. Trump has been paid billions $$$$$.He wud protect MBS. Most people in USA are honest and kind..

  10. Im glad to see that usa is losing that tiny bit of moral high ground it has been claiming for decades. I really believe next time Russians kill a dissident spy, usa will have nothing to say. Putin must be so happy that his puppet is doing his masters bidding in the best way possible.

  11. Butcher MBS must be beheaded

  12. Usa and Iran playing tactical games to Saudi Arabia. they never win insallah.
    iran is a hidden Muslim Killer.

  13. Yes, sell them weapons. We know what kind of people those weapons kill.

  14. Just like Dr Kelly… he knew too much.

  15. The brave American President said he will not listen to the audio purported to record Mr Khashoggi’s last agonies because it is reported to be “upsetting,” or “unpleasant.”
    I found it far more than just “upsetting” that the US orchestrated bombing runs on Yemeni children and on humanitarian aid facilities.
    I think it’s time President Trump was required to hear/view the tape!

  16. If He keeps quit, Problem,if,he,takes Action Problem. What is wrong with man???He was killed in Turkey my GOD. Turkey should do more Not USA .

  17. Money money oil oil money jobs jobs , principals don't count. Sorry

  18. thanx
    Al Jazeera English
    keep up

  19. Just because Saudi bring jobs or helping the economy in general doesn't mean they are allowed to take a life. US will be a lot in trouble if its government will choose money over justice.

  20. well i am really glad khassogy got killed, because he is not really a journalist, he is double agent spy, he is muslim brotherhood associate.
    good decission saudi. u make the world peace even more by eliminate him

  21. nothing is blindingly obvious or even self-evident about this act

  22. No solo es obvio que el lo ordeno sino que con el consentimiento de los gobierno de eeuu reino unido regimen israel y los afeminados de francia todos una coalición de hipócritas y asecinos y coludidos porque a este grupito no le gusta que los pongan al descubierto de sus crimenes

  23. What a joke that the Turkish "Sultan", who is responsible for the imprisonment and murder of hundreds of thousands of dissidents and journalists, has suddenly become the defender of freedom , expression and peace ? … I am an Israeli and against this murder, but hypocrisy and the double standard disgust me much more !

  24. Turkey & US need to catch kill team like they deed to Osama before they get beheaded … book MBS on international with UN (sucker) on trail.
    RTP Jamal khoshooji.

  25. So not sorry, but Qatar at this InfoWAR: You LOOSED! Get used it.

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