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Bloomberg belittles farming, factory jobs in resurfaced 2016 video

Independent Women’s Forum’s Patrice Lee Onwuka, B. Riley Wealth Management’s Paul Dietrich and Geltrude & Company founder Dan Geltrude say former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will have a difficult time climbing the ranks after his offensive remarks on farmers resurfaced. #FoxBusiness

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  1. This country was built on tobacco and cotton haha

  2. Neil, i wonder if you think anyone could be a farmer?

  3. Elizabeth Warren should really be offended, he just insulted all of her Native American ancestors.

  4. Fact: there is only one seed who cannot farm as thier fore father cain was cursed.
    Beware of this seed whom God repeatedly cursed due to thier hatred of God's true Chosen .
    Throughout history this seed has been known to poison wells and commit mass genocide against the true Hebrew Israelites.
    Know who you are.

  5. He should stick to representing the Lollipop Guild.

  6. The dems are eating eachother

  7. When somebody shows you who they are believe them. This man is so out of touch with normal Americans he would be a dangerous president. And if he thinks his money can buy the election oh, and I suppose it could, it would mean that America has ceased to exist. What a horrible time we live in.

  8. Michael Bloomberg is racists and opinionated. I believe what I hear.

  9. Another little rich man idiot with the Napoleon complex if I was a farmer I would be insulted by this little punk!!!! & for those idiots on the show to say it's not insulting to farmers what he said they have to be on the take yeah he's got them on his pay roll

  10. From what my mother has told me, her parents were very hardworking farming people, as was the case with my father's grandparents. Then they lost everything to a spoiled rich communist, Castro.

  11. Bloomberg and Democrats are showing all the world that the United States can be bought!  The head of this country, President, can be bought with rich money!  All foreign countries see this!!   Bloomberg is a DICTATOR!  He is not a candidate, he is a dictator.  BUYING A POSITION!   Look at Virginia…what constitutional disaster!

  12. Anyone can farm. Like tacos. Just plant taco seeds and add water. Very little gray matter use to do this. True. 🤪🤪💩💩

  13. Keep it up Mike keep flapping your condescending mouth. You are becoming less liked every time you speak . You would do well with Hillary and her condescending attitude as your running mate . What you would have then are two elitists that think they are far better than the rest of the people . The guy looks like a lizard


  15. Farmers have family values,and morals at least my family did,anybody but trump!

  16. Bloomberg should go to Africa to teach farming. What a joke mini Mike

  17. Let Bloomberg spend all his billions…its all for nothing!!! Trump 2020 by a landslide

  18. He’s a typical New York Big City snob

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