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BMW Heirs CRYING About Their Difficult Lives

BMW Heirs CRYING About Their Difficult Lives

The heirs to the BMW fortune want you to know about the “responsibility” of being rich. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. https://www.tyt.com/ana

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian

Cast: Ana Kasparian


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  1. Do you agree with the BMW heirs? Let us know in the comments.

  2. Excuse me πŸ€”Do you have any grey podon…WTFπŸ€‘

  3. While your criticism is justified, i think it’s fair to mention that BMW is paying their workers very well. It’s no comparison to US multinationals. If this high wages are due to the owners sense of responsibility or because of our stricter regulations is up to you to judge.

  4. This almost makes me ashamed that I own a BMW 335i.

  5. Heirs to inheritance have their heads stuck up their arse so far up that have no idea of reality outside exclusive club.Surrounded by luxury is false reality.

  6. That’s crazy I have a Bmw

  7. I see your subliminal anarcho communist flag in the square over her shoulder. Right over the words no filter. Lol. You guys are funny with your signaling. why not just put a hammer and sickle on the desk?

  8. The truth hurts at all levels .

  9. IΒ΄m driving a BMW. DidnΒ΄t know that Klatten is such a spoiled brat in such a advanced age.

  10. Spoken from the mouths of folks that never struggle in their lives

  11. These people need to be guillotined.

  12. Thankyou , Ana!!βœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. The rich are complaining about being left a company by their late father .
    Yes rich do have personal sides ..like raping and traffiking kids .
    Not saying you rich punks do ..but yes ..rich are overinflated egos . Must be nice to be handed a billion dollar company .
    Boohoo ..you rich pigs ..
    Go cry in your bmw. !
    Hope it rusts out from underneath you . Haha!

  14. They'll suffer for real when those who actually work get fed up and decide en masse that not enough is not enough.

  15. @7:05 that's crazy!!! So why don't they just build affordable studios instead of that crap!


  17. This is exactly like the company I worked for, on a smaller scale. Three f'n brothers who inherited a multi-million dollar fabrication business from Mom and Dad. Acted like the whole world was was out to get them and how hard it was to go to a mailbox to collect revenue checks. Paid garbage wages to their workers and constantly guilted us when we asked for a raise and talked about how poor they were while collecting in profits of about 100,000 a MONTH.

    One of them told once told me he was overpaying me out of the kindness of his heart. (I was getting $12.00 an hour in the year 2003.)
    One brother had constant temper tantrums if something didn't go exactly his way and would stomp out and leave in the middle of the day like a 10-year old.

    Took so much "skill" to be born. Too so much "ability" to inherit everything. Three brothers of VERY average IQ. The "Captains of Industry" my ASS. They provide poverty level shit paying jobs to the community like they're saving the world. Wow yeah, so heroic.

    Only difference between me and them is their name is on the building, not mine.

  18. It is their wealth and they are well within their right to advocate for things they believe in and use resources available to them to advance their agenda. That is said however so are the rest of the people.

  19. BMW Nazi history , fuk em

  20. Their family's wealth is in part based on SLAVE LABOR under the Nazis. Their entire fortune should be expropriated for genocide victims.

  21. We wouldn't allow a member of our family to use all and take all and deprive other family members, but in society there are no limits for someone to take all.

    This makes no sense because in the family bubble if one member takes more then their fair share and deprives other family members we wouldn't stand for this, yet society allows super wealthy to deprive members of society, the same members who keep them safe, secure, and fed, they deprive and sprinkle crumbs (when we are lucky), then other members of that society, that family, say it's unjust to keep those privileged few from depriving all of us not in the privileged class, how mad is that?

    No super wealthy person should be allowed to buy up so much property as to deprive others of affordable housing, there are diminishing returns to society when a person gets so wealthy that life becomes rigged and that society suffers for it and corruption abounds, like we see today.

  22. Ana saying something worth a damn seems like the old days almost. Tulsi Gabbard for President! Bernie Sanders for President. Oh BTW Ana you are frickin wealthy. Your Candidate WARren is another jackal for the Military Industrial Complex. But like Tulsi give credit where credit is due. Thumbs up.

  23. Is it the dream, or is it the scheme? Look at all the shiny things you can have if you work hard enough… …no no, harder. (Flashes to commercial with dude holding a dollar on a fishing rod, "you almost got it.") George Carlin said it best, "it's the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."

  24. Its like LouisXVI up there. We need Bernie/Warren BAD. Extreme income inequality – these trust fund babies are waaaay out of touch. Theres too many squatters with no talent at the top. Estate taxes, wealth taxes, tax the ivy leagues, and private schools, and use the funds to repair our social safety net. Enough is enough. These 1%ers are now cavorting about in Caligula like excess, with flesh-peddlers like Epstein indulging their most perverse fantasies. We need to clean house, we need to tax these bstards out of their debauched ivory twrs. FK these fkers.

  25. Fact: Wealth distribution = politically stable country.

  26. "Guardians of Wealth" hey, my Guidance counselor never mentioned this Occupation to me!

  27. Thats it, I wont buy another BMW

  28. So, Let me see if I understand this, a Couple of (Aristocrats/Inheritance Wealthers) just said the words a "FAIR" system with a straight face? These people want to return Civilization back to Medieval Feudalism! Then have the Balls to vomit the word "FAIRNESS" off to the Guillotine, I'd say.

  29. Money cannot buy ClassπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  30. podshare aka live with bedbugs and other infectious diseases due to the close confinement.

  31. For someone who claims to have studied journalism very hard, this video doesn't have much journalistic content. Rather than talking more in-depth about the Quandt family (which the US public hardly knows) or gather opinions from experts (research papers by economists, sociologists, etc.)regarding wealth distribution, 2/3 of the video is about Ana's hardships. This makes it no different than the main-stream media with its commentators going through their non-expert rants.
    By the way, 1:49 It is ALTANA AG, not ATLANTA AG (correctly written, falsy read by Ana). It is a German Chemical company, which used to be part of VARTA, a German battery company the Quandt family owned. TYT should have noticed this during editing.

  32. Ana, I wish you had entered politics. I'd feel so much better if you would. Please consider it.

  33. Altana, not Atlanta.

  34. Figuring out how to pump fake engine noises through the radio, is hard people!

  35. I actually agree…

    But would TYT not far better, if they would not only shout about inequality but would also organize a reasonable movement (mass demonstrations etc.)?

  36. EWWWWW you poor unfortunate people it must suck living off of daddy's wealth

  37. That’s ridiculous

  38. ANA, I will help you by telling you what stocks to buy .. I took $133,000 and made $283,000 with it in just 4 years !

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