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Body Cam Footage Exposes Cop’s Lies

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After refusing to release a cop’s body cam footage after a fatal shooting of a black man, the footage was released and its recording contradicts what the office said. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/10/4/17887932/jason-van-dyke-trial-laquan-mcdonald-chicago-police-shooting

“’We never lost eye contact, his eyes were bugging out, his face was just expressionless,’ Van Dyke said. ‘He turned his torso towards me. He waved the knife from his lower right side upwards across his body towards my left shoulder.’

‘I shot him.’

Over the course of 90 minutes, Van Dyke described what led him to shoot the black 17-year-old 16 times. He said he feared that officers on the scene were ‘under attack,’ despite several officers staying in their vehicles as they watched McDonald walk down an empty street. He said he fired when McDonald raised the knife at him, despite a dashboard camera video of the shooting showing McDonald’s arms at his side. And Van Dyke claimed that he continued to fire more than a dozen bullets at the fallen teen because McDonald attempted to get up, something else that video does not show.”

Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson


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  1. The dc snipers were taken alive You race baiting idiots

  2. There were a lot of happy Chicagoans the day he was found guilty! People crying and rejoicing.

  3. Jayar is so right on this. If you're shit scared of the people you have to deal with, then don't be a cop, simple.

  4. if u that afraid of doing ur job..yes..plz leave peacefully … or go be a walmart greeter…maybe he cant even do that!!

  5. "They always do when they're white"
    Not only do twice as many white people get shot by police than black every year, but literally just the other day there was a dash cam video of a white guy with a knife getting blasted by 4 cops with his hands up… Stop race baiting. You're either doing it intentionally for views, or you're incredibly ignorant of reality due to the biased selection of the stories you guys cover. There are tons and tons and tons of videos of cops shooting white people on youtube that you guys literally never cover.

  6. This is bullshit the cop shot someone with a knife that was threating their life he should not have been charged with anything. Innocent man in jail only because of the city was scared of protest and riots and decided it would be easier just to put him in jail rather then find him not guilty as he is

  7. Ppl before we go any further with this lie, let's clear it up. LaQuan McDonald's had no drugs in his system when he was assassinated. His autopsy is public record, read it for yourself. Now 4 yrs later, he was high on pcp, GTFOH.

  8. Like he said, When your scared of a race of people everyone is a threat. No knife and walking from the middle of the street to 1 1/2 lanes over. Make you think they are coming for you.

  9. Pigs make cops look bad. They should all be shot, in the street, in broad daylight, while being filmed for live TV.


    the officer is officially and legally guilty now: second-degree murder, and 16 counts of aggravated battery (one per bullet he shot into the boy). He's in jail.

  11. Someone outta remind pigs like Van Dyke that he took an oath to protect and serve. Not to harass and douche. Just because he has a badge doesn't give mean he can treat people anyway he likes.

    As a law enforcement professional, he has an obligation to be more ethically upstanding than the average man. Not less.

  12. The footage has been seen before, on this very channel. The link under the video says: "More than a year later, after a string of lawsuits and a judge’s order to release dash-cam footage of the shooting, city officials released video showing that McDonald appeared to be moving away from police when he was shot, contradicting Van Dyke’s account."

  13. jayar should host more often, i'm getting tired of cenk and ana's dumb useless repetitive rants.

  14. Everybody has SOMETHING they're afraid of, but if you're afraid, get backup and wait .

  15. Don't do the job if you can't overcome your fears. It's ok, we are not all capable of the job. Don't do it and put other people's life in danger

  16. Jayar, come back to reality. They ALL say they were afraid. They know that fear can't be measured so it's the first thing they claim. You noticed he testified that "His eyes were wide as if he was looking right through me." BS. Where have we heard that one before? Why did he lie in his police report? why was there a cover-up IF he was truly fearful? He knew exactly what he was doing.

  17. Do you or Rebel HQ have any information on the the candidates for the Chicago Mayoral election coming up next February? Are any of them progressive/Justice Democrats?

  18. 2:51 – Jayar NAILS it. This is exactly what I've been saying for several years on the issue of police shootings. If these cops can't handle these situations well enough to respond with deliberate action, then at the very least, they should be relieved of duty because they don't belong on the force. That's not an insult or a criticism; it just means they don't have the correct demeanor to properly discharge that particular job. They would be happier, and we would all be safer, if they found another job, willingly or not.

  19. But he is racist there is no reason to shoot someone 16 times like wtf even if he came at you with a knife like after some shots you can stop damn, but he didn’t even.

  20. Not every cop is racist.Most aren’t that I’ve seen and delt with.

  21. The ruler isn't on the door frame because people assume everyone's 6'10". It's there so you can estimate someone's height instead of ball parking it.

  22. I hope that dirty cop gets shanked to death in prison.

  23. He's not guilty, nobody deserves to be tried and convicted as if they were black. What's happening to our justice system, do away with the dash cams.

  24. Cops = Little weak subhumans

  25. but thats how the cops shoot you in GTA 5

  26. The prosecutor should have asked "You thought you were backpedaling shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot after shot?"

  27. The police are the kkk. -facts

  28. GUILTY! He is not going to spend enough time in prison, but at least he did not get off completely.

  29. Anybody remember the incident where an officer in Cleveland, Ohio jumped on the hood of a car and started shooting through the windshield. He shot the driver 23 times, male, and the female passenger 24 times point blank. Then claimed he shot because he feared for his life. He said he thought they had a gun the car, yet he stood in harm's way on the hood, in front of the suspects and killed both. He was acquitted. It was a high speed chase.

  30. A police officer is a job, no more important than a plumber, if you can't uphold the law, McDonald's is always hiring

  31. Hey cenk, give jayar a show! Please and thank you

  32. If he can't stop shooting after the guy hits the ground, He should be fired and put in jail for criminal negligence.

  33. Whatever happened to that net/gun device that shoots a weighted net over the suspect, disabling the suspect?

  34. Police are pigs 🐷🐖🐽

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