Home / News / Body-Camera Footage Shows Florida Police Arresting 6-Year-Old Girl At School | NBC Nightly News

Body-Camera Footage Shows Florida Police Arresting 6-Year-Old Girl At School | NBC Nightly News

The incident, captured on body cameras last September, took place after staff at an Orlando charter school complained the girl was acting out.
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Body-Camera Footage Shows Florida Police Arresting 6-Year-Old Girl At School | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Police officers represent the state, right ?

    Make a statement and send all of the “adults” who took part in that straight into jail!

    A uniform does not make up being a disgrace to any society !!

  2. What happened to calling parents

  3. I gotta say she had it coming.

  4. Sue the school, the school district, the officer, the police department. Everyone involved would be getting sued.

  5. Officer safety, police are heroes!

  6. My kids Definitly wont be goin to that school.. 🏫😠😡

  7. Obviously this child needs to be sent to prison. These children are never the parents responsibility.

  8. That kid was out of control he should have tased her for the safety of everybody involved

  9. All skin folk ain't kin folk. Now break that record.

  10. I notice people keep leaving out she was kicking and hitting people to hurt them because she couldnt wear sunglasses in class

  11. The school should not have called the police on a kid, give her a time out for crying out loud. Why are people calling the police on children? And why are police arresting children? There has to be a better way.

  12. I remember seeing kids being arrested in 1st and 2nd grade for assaulting teachers. Not one news story on those. The kids came back fine and were a lot more well behaved the rest of the year. Tough love.

  13. Of course this happened in Florida.

  14. A 6 year old? You dumb fks are so wimpy! Absolutely disgusting!!!

  15. Why is he flexing that he arrested a 6-YEAR-OLD?! good job for breaking your record 😒

  16. She is a criminal waiting to grow..she was hitting everyone in the office..well done

  17. Theyre making blue lives not matter

  18. That cop sounded like he was proud that he broke the record of arresting a 6-year old!
    That's sick!!

  19. At least the cop was black…thank God we never would have heard the end of the race bs!

  20. 😂😂😂 If you would spank your children we wouldn't be dealing with this anti police agenda…These people are using children to push an agenda…The child was assaulting teachers and staff and was a danger to other students…what do you do with her when everyone is so sue happy and oversensitive…

    She needed an @$$ paddling and time out…

  21. and the police wonder why people hates them.

  22. Cop just doing his job.
    Who called the police?
    Where are the parents?
    Parents fault this happened. They sent the brat go to school that they created.

  23. Resistance is futile, Remember the S.S. in Germany during WW2 were just policeman doing their jobs !

    Glad to live in Mexico the land of liberty and freedom !

  24. What a thing to put a child through, that police officer is a cruel moron..

  25. This is really disgusting

  26. Where do they find this morons??? He is bragging about arresting Kids??? Degenerated americans… living in the land of the free. Most ignorant nation on this planet.

  27. It seems more like harrasment, than protection, the 6 year couldn’t even harm anyone, why did they arrest her

  28. Can't even belive this!!! Seriously!!! WTF????

  29. Pathetic. This cop is trash. And now he’s out of a job only to be hired the next town down. And with a good report from his former chief.

  30. Dennis Turner he was the cop! HE SOOO STUPID!!

  31. For acting out? In what way?

  32. The cop dramatic that kid really man press chargers to a 6 year old girl 👧 no Man U broke the permanent record man 👨

  33. Sue that school for every penny

  34. I pray her family get justice and that the baby gets emotional healing this is unacceptable.

  35. Shocking ! I’m so glad my kids grew up in the UK. This would never happen here.

  36. And then people wonder why black kids grow up to hate the police!!!!

  37. If she had an automatic weapon the NRA would be on her side

  38. Any doubt that there are lots of really dumb cops out there?

  39. Absolutely disgusting. I am completely mortified at how adults can behave this way towards a young child. The teacher who pressed charges should be ashamed of herself. Instead of teaching the child what is right and wrong she presses charges. You are a teacher. You are supposed to teach her what not to do. I have no doubt that this has traumatized the young child. The teacher should be fired and the cop for going along with the situation.

  40. some people on facebook said the child deserved it, wtf? that kid is a 6 year old child who btw has some behavirol problems that wernt understood nor treated, the school tried not to tell the family and the teacher that was "attacked" is pressing assult charges to a 6 year old. i hope that teacher is fired and put to shame and that school down for good

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