Boeing 737 Plane Crashes In Iran, All 176 On Board Killed | NBC Nightly News

The U.S. military is investigating whether an Iranian missile may have misfired, possibly shooting down the plane.
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Boeing 737 Plane Crashes In Iran, All 176 On Board Killed | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Plot twist is THERE WAS NO ONE ON THE PLANE, only on auto pilot👍

  2. I bet Russia did it, THINKING that it would be covered as "an accident of the Iranian conflict"… I mean, Drumpf started this… Was this more of Drumpf's "help" for Russia??

  3. and those Canadian Canadien go Away cus of this War Between USA Iran

  4. Crashed? How about hit by an Iranian missile

  5. I’m hundred percent it shot down by a rocket….

  6. Iran says that the Boeing 737, which crashed on January 8 near Tehran, began technical problems from the very first minutes of the flight. This they found out after decoding the flight recorders of the airliner.

  7. Big Possibility Iran Shot it down, Victims from seven countries: The victims include 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians, 10 Swedes, four Afghans, three Germans and three British nationals, according to Ukraine's Foreign Minister.

  8. Bro what Is going on right now?

  9. so sad starter the firts month of this year like that ….peace please !!! my prayers for all the family of victims 🙁

  10. Proverbial case of shooting oneself in the foot- only in this case some one else’s foot also- errrr

  11. I thought they grounded all 737s???

  12. Engine failure, get well soon Boeing 😔😔😔😔U R killing people more than terrorism

  13. This is a consequence of a technical malfunction.Boeing 737 engines are extremely unreliable their fires and malfunctions occur constantly.I do not advise anyone to fly Boeing planes it is extremely dangerous for life.

  14. So Trump says we will not take military action against Iran, we will shoot down a plane and blame on Iran. Looks like Us is preparing to take down another inconvenient country and is looking for a worldwide approval by the public. The same as with Iraq, LIbya, Syria.

  15. Why is iran killing their own people

  16. I heard there were b52s airborne ready to respond to the missile strikes. I suspect the Iranians mistook the passenger plane for a b52. They probably thought America was about to hit them with nukes. If so, the Iranians probably figured out their mistake soon after and decided to stop the attacks because they were going to look really bad to their people and their allies. If they thought they would come out looking like the winner, they may have gone all out. The people who died may have inadvertently prevented escalation into ww3.

  17. if you want to live – never fly with Boeing planes! It's simple. "Boeing" company, I think, killed more people than Al Qaeda

  18. One things for sure definitely not an engine failure

  19. They were scared Trump was sending another message. I think their SAM took down a friendly.

  20. This is the last time I ever trust going on a plane. I'm never going on a plane again.

  21. what if someone did a suicide bomb in the plane

  22. I send all the prayers to everyone that is living in the United States I love you!

  23. Some people are very fast in jumping into conclusions. As if we don't know who plays dirty tricks everytime.

  24. For sure it was them, they thought it had MERICANS IN IT

  25. The myth of flying safety,
    Per journey it’s actually three times more deadly to fly than to drive also commercial pilot is consistently in the top five deadliest jobs in the US year after year but let’s all keep believing the myth aviation is safe

  26. I wouldn't be surprised if they killed the canadians bc they are our allies and willing to sacrifice their own people

  27. Hopefully this will end the tension of a war. The US won’t have much work if Iran keeps shooting themselves. Also we need hear what’s recorded on those black boxes! Maybe we could even help Iran. My prayers go out to the every individual on that plane. God Bless

  28. Seriously, people and the News can't even admit that Iran shot it down.

  29. Yeah thanks for subscribing to a YouTube channel we're going to cut you off because they blew it up or shot it down.

  30. This incident seem to have American hand all over it. Possibly the work of an AI alerting Iranian air defences, just like what happened in Russia a few years ago.

  31. I lost my sfm best friend maxie 💔💔💔

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