Boeing announces new CEO in aftermath of 737 Max jet crashes

Fox Business’ Grady Trimble reports on Boeing replacing former CEO Dennis Muilenburg with David Calhoun.

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  1. So let's use the normal B737 without software

  2. So does that mean we can fly the 737 max now? It must be safe now that we sacrifice the blood of A CEO to the Capitalist Gods.

  3. They just recruited Ronald McDonald to be the new CEO of Boeing. With each ticket, a free Big Mac, and your last order of fries.

  4. Changing one ceo won't chamge the whole company. Theu meed to change the proamers who built the faulty computer software that caused the trouble. The plan would be to just scrap 737 max and build a better plane that flys like it's supposed to.

  5. I’m wondering looking at all angles – reality/confidence/trust if this plane will ever fly again.

  6. The new CEO, David Calhoun, is another financial guy who is unlikely to save Boeing. Boeing needs an engineer CEO and not an immoral financial guy who is unconcerned with passenger safety.

  7. Split Boeing up and sell off the pieces.

  8. The problems at Boeing began 20 years ago.

  9. watching the fall of rome 2.0 day by day is quite funny

  10. The whole world laughs at Trump, the aliens at Boeing and Space Force

  11. So, they're firing the CEO and replacing him with the chairman of the boar

  12. More fraud that's not Boeing's CEO, there's a fraudulent Boeing website on the internet, Boeing took their website off of the internet. Barack Obama's gang or Mary Stanley's gang making fake news and fraudulent websites, their wanting to mock them because they don't own Boeing Co. and because Boeing manufactures military jet planes and military helicopters and the bombs, missiles, and machine gun bullets for them.

  13. Please fire Nikki Haley from the board first! She helped run Boeing into the ground, public safety be damned. A concerned shareholder.

  14. 362 likes are from Airbus. 😂

  15. Directors pick CEOs. That people died in the interest of profit and first to market is unconscionable

  16. master muiley appears to favor the turquoise blue neckties (nudge nudge wink wink)

  17. They can't get it fixed with just software updates. This plane will be grounded for at least another year, mark it down.

  18. MAX PROFIT, min integrity.

  19. Still not getting on one of those….noooo way!!!

  20. Told him so Dont use that old Windows ME software

  21. What took so long? He should have been sacked after the second crash.

  22. Uhm……..Southworst airlines continues to fly these lemons!

  23. This company is disgusting

  24. this ceo change is not because of the jets. its part of the mass exodus of these ceos that have committed crimes against the united states.

  25. With this new event, why hasn't the stock dropped to or below $300 ($327.40 seems to high to me)?

  26. Add ten feet or so to the front of the aircraft. I flu on a Boeing 737 recently that plane wants to fly without the bigger engines add wait to the front of the aircraft rather than correcting the issue with software. Although it is not my field of expertise as a mechanic I do pay attention to these things the Boeing 737 is one beautiful aircraft, it is one solid aircraft, a product that needs to be available to consumers, I’m proud that it is made in America. If Boeing added twenty sets or so I’m sure the air line companies will be happy to get the extra sets for free added to their aircrafts.

  27. It’s about time they got rid of that criminal!

  28. What worries me most is the horrendous company reviews on Boeing’s company culture. Very bad company culture doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of bad people at the leadership levels. And such bad culture spells absolute disaster for what it produces, and as we all know, lives are dependent on these products. And this is a classic example of bad management being too aggressive to save money. Offloading software work to cheaper labor can result in poor software quality issues.

  29. Boeing jets aren't heavenly. They are humanoids human carrier's on their laps seat with a table to eat on.
    What's MCAS doing with optical fiber nanosim card mobile telecommunications television data/voice/picture/video broadcasting?
    Close Boeing🔫

  30. Boeing's Board of Directors ordered him to resign, forcing him out. It's the same as being fired. They told him to hit the road. I hope he didnt get a golden parachute.

  31. Need Project Veritas insiders @ Boeing

  32. Boeing need to also look into their suppliers like royal engineered composites in minden Nebraska some shady things are happening there .

  33. They will do anything to raise their stock value. Unless leadership completely changes direction nothing has been done.

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