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Bomb Found In George Soros’ Mailbox


An unknown person placed an explosive device in the famed philanthropist’s mailbox. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Ken Klippenstein, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-george-soros-home-explosive-device-20181023-story.html

“A bomb was found in a mailbox at the suburban New York home of George Soros, the liberal billionaire philanthropist who has been denounced by President Donald Trump and vilified by right-wing conspiracy theorists, authorities said Tuesday.

Federal agents safely detonated the device after being summoned Monday by a security officer at the sprawling, wooded compound, about 50 miles north of Manhattan. The 88-year-old Soros was not home at the time.

Laura Silber, a spokeswoman for Soros’ Open Society Foundations, blamed the country’s toxic political environment.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ken Klippenstein

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ken Klippenstein


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  1. More unpunished Right Wing terrorism. What's it going to take?

  2. When theses CRIMINAL from South America break and enter your country (Home), not the Armenia traitor and the Armenian genocide denier immigrants that hate America, so these innocence caravan lawbreakers, who are coming to raise your taxes, lower your paycheck and create a nice crime infested place for you. Ahh I can’t wait to pay more taxes to the government to fix these problems.

  3. Fake, pipe and clock, not a bomb. And George Soros was and is a Nazi, in WW2.

  4. All these fit men flooding Europe. What about the woman they leave behind . 11 times cheaper to keep them in there own countries .

  5. Over a million kids and counting that have been molested and counting in the uk alone . Allot have to live with desease . 2 kids put threw a mincer in a kebab shop in the uk .

  6. 97% of rapes in Germany wouldnt of happened if they didn't open there borders .

  7. Over 50% of Libya's economy came from African slavery last year by islam . Help free the black African slaves today in LIBYA .

  8. I hope a larger anaconda swallows George Soros. It would be slight justice for the crimes against humanity.

  9. Ain’t gonna lie I know politics is full of bias but goddammm listening to how they defend Soros is kinda insulting to people’s intelligence, there’s no way they don’t know how Soros is involved in a lot of organizations, especially one based in Chicago that is funding the caravan, I’m not a journalist and know that.

  10. TYT defending their master.

  11. Wouldn't it be a shame if a "bomb" went off in his face?

  12. I know we have a tendency to classify Islamic terrorism as it's own thing, but technically, that should also be classified as right-wing terrorism. Those Islamic extremists are the far right wing of their countries. They are authoritarian, theocratic regimes. Freedom of religion, equality for all? LOL, yeah right. Those people have more in common with the Y'all Qaeda than just about anyone else in the world, just a different book.

  13. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. All fake bombs comically fake looney tunes bombs in looney tunes package with bad spelling. Perfectly tailored to fit the profile tyt types have for trumptards. Then voila and the Patsy is revealed. Wierd obnoxious known to the justice system and driving his squeaky clean van with the OCD perfect tribute to trump all the hallmarks of some kind of a set up. If I'm wrong I will gladly eat my words. And yes the Kavanaugh debacle is one of the reasons I am now a conspiracy nut. This is the freaking matrix and Cenk loves his blue pill.

  14. Tyt please eat my shit. That is all.

  15. I hope this scumbag gets raped with a broomstick in prison.

  16. Trumptard tears. Keep it rolling guys, give everyone a reason why you, your candidates and your fake president should not lead the country.

  17. Would it be possible to get the study that is being referenced; it would be helpful to me.

  18. Why do these bombs have timers? The perpetrator would have no way of knowing when a package was going to be picked up or opened by a person. Unless the perp just wants to blow up mailboxes, the use of a timer makes no sense at all. No wonder people are questioning the legitimacy of this supposed threat. Certainly sounds like a political stunt if no one is actually meant to get hurt.

  19. Oh Oh!!!! Trump stickers on his van! That means that he is obviously a Trump supporter!

  20. Liberal or Conservative…. the perp needs to go to prison for a very very long time!

  21. Oooooooo, looky! They have arrested a man in Florida! He is a former New Yorker! What are the odds that he is a big lib?

  22. Weellll sheeeet! Pretty damn obvious who sent these non-bombs. Just look at the return address! Mystery solved!

  23. I don't get why people hate Soros. I don't know enough about him other than the paranoia from the right-wing. There is "radicalization" of the extremists on the right going on among young men, and there's probably a far far less amount on the left. Back in the 70's it was students bombing Dow chemical.

  24. Technically he is a nazi collaborator. It's hard to feel sympathetic towards him.

  25. "Far RIGHT TERRORIMSSSSSSMMMM……lol….Ya'll are so weakly informed, you wouldn't dare have me on your silly show. Otherwise invite me and I'll be there, ya'll are pathetic.

  26. "proactively detonated"???? Wait a minute…….5, 6, or 7, or how ever many bombs were sent, and NONE went off? and one was "proactively donated? Keep swimming please.

  27. Dumbasses, like Soros would get his own mail. Lol

  28. Why did Maxine Waters get two devices instead of the usual just one that others got? Cause it turns out you need twice the number of devices to blow the "ugly" right off her smug, disgusting face …

  29. Soros is also the guy who broke the Bank of England by making a billion dollars is a day, so…

  30. The Bombocratic socialist party is desperate

  31. Don't you love these Conservative shitstains in the comment section trying to act this is a false flag. You fucks have a short memory. You can't remember McVeigh and Eric Robert Rudolph doing shit like this?

  32. To say that far right terrorists are the biggest danger is idiotic. Most of their "attacks" cause no casualties & are either hate crimes or property damage. muslims on the other hand are the real danger- 6 killed in 1993 WTC bombing, almost 3,000 killed in 9/11, 13 killed in Fort Hood, 3 killed in Boston bombing, 49 killed in Orlando shooting, 14 killed in San Bernardino shooting, 8 killed in NYC truck attack, not to mention ALL the other plots by muslims, and they are only like what? 5% of the population? And then look at what they've done in Europe. Hundreds upon hundreds killed throughout France, Belgium, England, Germany, Spain & other countries. AND the thousands of casualties they've caused in attacks against each other. muslims are savages.

  33. Alot of the "charities" Soros funds are extremely leftist & do try to help illegals with legal advice, etc. The guy funds alot of extremely leftist "causes" so while the conspiracy theories go a little far, I can see why some might think them. And while Soros is a piece of shit, whoever sent him that package needs to be arrested & locked up.


  35. The world greatest terrorist Donald Trump Ironic don't you think. Installed by Putin who is quit proud of it. We need better laws to prevent idiots from occupying the White House.

  36. *(WIE) White Identity Extremists i.e. DOMESTIC TERRORISTS…….??

  37. Dummy Don needs exploding Pampers !!

  38. Fake dossier
    Fake bombs
    Fake assualt charge
    Fake News
    Makes sense

  39. Which one of you fascists in the comments sent bombs to the left wing? 😂

    Maybe pick up the anarchist cookbook you failure

  40. "Chunk" did it so these idiots would have something to criticize the Pres. about !

  41. Would be hilarious if the "bomber" confess to being hired by the DemocRATS right before election day lol

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