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Boy Scouts files for bankruptcy amid deluge of child sex abuse cases | USA TODAY

BSA files for bankruptcy amid child sex abuse cases.
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Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy after a flood of sex abuse cases, reports of declining membership, & legal battles with insurance companies.

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  1. If you expect other adults to nurture your kids youre asking for your kid to be fucked

  2. Homosexuals and feminists have accomplished another of their goals. This one was easier than bringing down the Catholic Church, though

    "After the end of his [Rex Tillerson's] term as BSA president, he remained on the organization's National Executive Board. There he played a significant role in the board's 2013 decision to rescind the long-standing ban on openly gay youth as members. According to Center for Strategic and International Studies president John Hamre, Tillerson was instrumental in the change and 'a key leader in helping the group come to a consensus'.[66][68]." ~ Wikipedia

  3. Lol seems a correlation to the Catholic Church

  4. If only the Church could go bankrupt…

  5. Well they could have avoided all this I'll betcha…. when people are complaining to them about somebody molesting their kid where they were hearing rumors and stories from other kids they probably had plenty of opportunity to look into it themselves and ditch the ones they knew they had to get rid of in order to protect the children and the organization…. so now a lot of kids who would have benefited from this organization will do without it and that is really a shame …. a lot of good things came out of it …. why the hell didn't they do the right thing ?
    It's a shame when people just want to cover up the truth rather than doing something about it when they have the chance…. shame on those people and the boards of directors over the years you could have done something and made a difference . Obviously they just really didn't care and only wanted to enjoy the status of being a big name ….. but look at them now .

  6. These kids aren't being abused by women, anyone here still think it was a good idea allowing gay scout leaders?

  7. Actually it may have been not reported for a bigger reason: fear of retribution in the courts by homosexual advocasy groups…..the conundrum is that for the most part they are almost totally volunteer. Should've reported abuse however.

  8. This is a example of how modern day feminism ruins everything

  9. Who pased the laws that are allowing the Boy Scouts and the insurance companies to get out of paying the compensation these victims are due?
    Some legislators need to be held accountable for that shit!

  10. This is just sickening, disgusting, and heartbreaking! Are there any victims from the GIRL SCOUTS organization? How many years does it take the FEDS to close a case for Christ’s sake….now I’m torn about buying cookies this year….just awful☹️

  11. Another great right wing establishment!

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