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Brava Oven Review: A $1000 Easy-Bake Oven

Brava Oven Review: A $1000 Easy-Bake Oven

Brava’s smart oven is the latest in a line of connected kitchenware that promises to take the guess-work out of cooking. Using high-powered lamps to rapidly cook food with light, Brava promises to be fast and precise. It also offers meal kit services that will pair with the oven’s preset cook modes. But with its $1000 price tag and $40 per meal kit, Brava makes take-out look awfully appealing.

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  1. A major feature you missed to include in the review is the ability to get over the air updates. Both the Brava and June have professional chefs on staff that can review issues with your meals and update your oven with new recipes to cook the foods that are not in the default menu.

  2. Never in my entire life would I ever thought I could say that there's more RAM in that oven than there was on the Apollo computers that got mankind onto the moon.

  3. Is the reviewer a Singaporean?

  4. This kinda reminds me of that $400 juicer.

  5. I wouldn’t use this. I’d just turn on the regular oven or toaster oven.

  6. What's the point of this device? There's almost no reason to have it…

  7. Halogens use a lot of power. I'll hold out for the LED version.

  8. Thats lazy beyond words. No just no 😂

  9. Pass. Novelty kitchen gadget for novice cooks.

  10. Why buy this? They are going to just release a newer version in x amount of years and pull the support on it. Your stuck with a tiny dumb halogen oven in the end.

  11. So I need to fax a muffin. What do I do?

  12. Lol the future is so crazy 1:16
    A toaster oven with computer specs?
    If you told me, I wouldn't believe you.

  13. I'm gonna take a pass. Seems extremely overpriced. I'll spend the $1k on months worth of groceries and keep using my regular stove/oven and the George Foreman grill i already have… I can cook a steak in less than 5 minutes already…

  14. I love technology but honestly I’d rather pay 1500 for a nice oven with a camera/processor that I can check on a phone app while Netflixing. But whatever

  15. 0°F-500°F in less than a second? DOUBT!

  16. I won't buy even if it cooks with unicorn farts

  17. Remember to install adult filters on the browser, so your kids don't watch porn on the oven

  18. Not gonna lie, the food looked really good 🤤😂😋

  19. Cool, but I understood about 30% of what she said. Her accent is strong.

  20. That's a hard pass from me.

  21. Brava! To my regular oven. No muss no fuss. Just a simple oven.

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