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Breadbot Hands-On: It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like at CES 2019

Breadbot Hands-On: It's Exactly What It Sounds Like at CES 2019

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  1. I need the Pizza vending machine to become mainstream!!!!

  2. I had to laugh at all the "omg so many people lose jobs!!!". Do you know how mass produced bread is made that you already buy in a supermarket? Hint: It isn't some baker making it by hand. This isn't going to replace legit bakeries and most supermarkets in the US don't fully make bread on site…they usually get the pre-made loaf dough trucked in from a main facility and they just cook it on site. It won't even replace the guy at a supermarket that shoves bread into the oven, because this machine seems fairly limited in terms of what kind of bread it can make. It will be a cool novelty that will drive people to a store, give you some much fresher sandwich bread, and that is about it.

  3. That bread looks like a big dense brick. For the price you'd pay for this machine, I'd bet you could have an in-store bakery that makes decent bread in a much broader variety than "looks like a bread machine loaf."

  4. American bread, in europe we call that Cake

  5. Oh~~!! great unemployment gadget

  6. There are check and balance here. Many jobs will be replaced by robot and also a new job will be created from now.

  7. we are getting closer to the holy grail of robots. a sandwich making robot.

  8. These will fit in well on the streets of Japan next to the lobster claw machine.

  9. I guess whatever type you select to bake on the machine, at end each type is going to have that 'this was made from flour to bread in 6 minutes' taste

  10. Skynet giving everyone diabetes

  11. If it is not a robot donut making machine it is a robot bread making machine what is next on the list

  12. For all the people who say this is going to take jobs, I tell you that we are losing farmers every single day in America. Maybe the bread maker who lost his job to the BredBot can become a Farmer?

  13. Since the sliced loafs, lol

  14. В Россие он не скоро появится!!

  15. this is so sad as i watch this… so many ppl could lose their jobs

  16. ….I could stand and watch this thing bake bread for hours! Mesmerizing!…

  17. Now all you need is a peanut butter and jelly machine.

  18. Disaster areas could make good use of this.

  19. anither lot of people to be jobless soon

  20. I wish I had enough dough to buy this

  21. okay but how does it taste how you gonna tell us about a bread machine without trying the bread smh

  22. People why can you understand that yes robots can do it but this not like home bread and no human maker no soul 😇

  23. Ah, the best thing since sliced bread!

  24. the damn thing doesn't slice and more wastage

  25. This is so sad. How many people are going to lose their jobs because if this abomination?

  26. Better invention since slice bread

  27. It's cool but idk about how soon it will be useful for a grocery store lol

  28. All I wanna know is, who’s eating alll that bread at ces

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