Home / Sports / BREAKING: Jay Glazer reports Rams' Brian Allen has tested positive for coronavirus | FOX NFL

BREAKING: Jay Glazer reports Rams' Brian Allen has tested positive for coronavirus | FOX NFL

NFL on FOX insider Jay Glazer is reporting that Rams center Brian Allen has tested positive for the coronavirus. Glazer says Allen is the first player to test positive for the virus.

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BREAKING: Jay Glazer reports Rams’ Brian Allen has tested positive for coronavirus | FOX NFL

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  1. How is this big time news 🙄

  2. i usually like your stuff…………….but this was embarrassing

  3. Let’s downvote to show him that it’s not ok to use someone else’s health for your own personal gain

  4. Jay Glazer should apologize to the entire nation for his pathetic promotion of someones health to promote himself. Frankly this clown should be taken off Fox Sports !

  5. NFL regular season is 5 months away! Many of our states will be peaking soon and things will get better! The only person I trust about important NFL news is
    Ian Rapport and Adam Schefter!

  6. @JayGlazer, retire yourself!
    You're horrible!
    Your voice is so freaking annoying!
    Plus you stink as a so-called reporter!
    Absolutely horrible!

  7. So was this the big jay glazer news??

  8. cool video keep up the amazing work

  9. nice video it was really entertaining

  10. You will never be trusted about anything you scam artist

  11. Does Jay still have roommates in his head? 😅😅

  12. It’s disgusting how you used somebody’s health to promote your show.

  13. Lame news… why did you have to break it if they kept it under wraps for 3 weeks?

  14. No views, 6 likes…please explain.

  15. seasons gonna be cancelled

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