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Brits React As Harry And Meghan Step Back From Royal Duties | NBC News

“I’m sure they have their reasons, but I think it’s a bit strange,” said one young man who spoke to NBC News.
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Brits React As Harry And Meghan Step Back From Royal Duties | NBC News


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  1. She was never going to fit into royal life…..you just need to see where she came from/her relatives

  2. No impact to the royals anyway. They are not that important anyways..they lied abouf the son
    So they feel ashamed maybe .they cant make it right anymore. They have to stay on that lie.just mine to say anyway…we all have our own opinion.

  3. So once more MM rules Harry – he does what she wants . Poor guy – but he has chosen her !!! So I think this is the best – the family and the nation can definitely live without them . Greetings from Germany !!

  4. the Queen is still going to give him allowance. Its the lifetime supply of the taxpayers funds called—- The Beloved Royals Government Privilege Assistance and Fundly Luxury Care Act.

  5. In other words, they can't be bought!!!!!! I AM so proud of these two pioneers. New day. New way. )0(

  6. Andrew's scandal triggered the Royal slimming down. Pictures on Queen's desk on the Christmas message, don't have Meghan and Harry in them. They could see the writing on the wall: They were not included in the slimming down. That is the reason for the rift between William and Harry. Leaving is a good move on H&M's part. They have developed a very lucrative world-class brand and will make millions with the help of the people they have been networked with in politics and the entertainment business. Meghan knows how to make money. They will make more than if they had stayed. They will also do the philanthropy work that they really want to do, not what Will wants them to do. You go girl!

  7. Vox populi. Latin for ' Taking up time on the TV 'news' to speak to street blockheads'

  8. In the end, family is what matters most

  9. The reason is all about mm and her wishes to prosper from her title without limitations or scrutiny from RF. They should count there blessings to be done with the messy woman.

  10. RoXit. Public will no longer be entitled to their lives.

  11. You people need to get a life. Harry, Meghan and baby Archie are family they have every right to a private life. Harry's not going to be king let William carry. And leave Meghan and Harry alone what is the royal family modern day slavery.

  12. When it comes right down to it it's Harry and Meghan's personal decision of their future and how, and where, they choose to live it! For goodness sake he's something like 6th in line for succession to the throne, and it's not as if he has to be connected to the hip of his royal family! Plus he doesn't have a huge powerful role either. And it's not as if they are "leaving the royal family", they intend on equally dividing their time between the UK and North America (i.e -Canada) and continuing some of their royal duties. But, with all that being said, because he is a member of the Royal family, and the Grandson of the Queen, and the son of the next King, there would be certain royal protocol that he would "have to" follow, regardless!! This I'm sure is what the biggest issue is right now with all this royal backlash. They did not properly go through the royal process first, and have all the proper discussions(because there would be a ton of things to consider) before they just went ahead on their own and publicly made their announcement! But once they sit down and sort everything out they can get on with their part time lives in Canada …. which I'm pretty sure will be where they are going! Good on them and I wish them all the very best, and Canada is a perfect choice!

  13. What happens to Archie? Doesn't he basically belong to the crown? Trying to understand that she would loose custody if there was a divorce.

  14. Brits React !!! no i just watched none whites and n—r lovers, no brits here.

  15. Moving to a foreign country is already difficult even if they speak the same language. Add being in the public eye and a royal, having a baby shortly after, so many life changes all at once too much for most to handle.

  16. excuse me ?financially independent??? the only valuable thing is your blood,

  17. Good for you all! You guys couldn't handle the fact that Meghan is way, way, WAY more beautiful than Catherine! Let her go be happy and leave you alone. Now you can go find someone else to hate on … I hope!

  18. I don't blame them everyone in the roysl family treated them badly EVERYONE OF THEM.

  19. they will demonize her for it…watch!

  20. The public need to wakeup and face reality this is about trading on their Royal titles Titles to make money. Harry is as unpealling and unintelligent as horse dung. The bad actors in my country (America) have used Meghan well. Our CIA has done the same to England that they have done here. Please, don't think "conpricey theory". Get this to the Queen or Charles or Parliament.

  21. The racism sexism patriarchy and false supremacy of the British greedia/media towards her was clear for all to see from day one. The U.K. press is disgusting. The lack of support from the Royal Family shows raw complicity. They knew. This is why Harry and Meghan are jetting for the exit. Let’s be serious: Prince Harry can’t not be a Prince. He was born into it and the world won’t allow him to NOT be a Prince even if he gave up his title. 😒 He can be both independent and be paid for -look at Ivanka. 😭 Focus on the future monarchs. Let them live.

  22. What did you expect? Harry and Meghan were a bonus to the Royal family, but everyone hates Meghan. harry loves Meghan, so he will do what takes to make sure Meghan and Archie have a happy life

  23. Well, sad news but if it brings them peace and happiness? I’m all for people being happy 😃

  24. I AM so happy for them. Smart couple. )0(

  25. Ofg course, tomorrow i will inform my employer that i'll be stepping back and migrating to another continent but i'll still be wanting my income of course. because i want to be financially independent so just keep paying me so i can have a free luxury life and so some charity work when i'm bored of spending other peoples money.

  26. It was downhill all the way the moment he set eyes on that leech

  27. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
    Welcome Harry & lil Archie!
    Welcome Home Meghan!

  28. Shows weakness of Harry ….. the only thing Princely about him is the sum of money the UK tax payer has funded for the lavish lifestyle….Sad reflection on their position and Royal Duty… most intelligent people could see something like this this coming…. so not really big news

  29. They did not discard the RF altogether, they can still work for the family, those who have never been discriminated will not understand. The way the British racists has dealt with Meghan is a disgrace to humanity. Sure, the Queen is wise enough to grant them their wish. Baby Archie was only a few days old and the racists had started with him too. Harry was born in the RF but he was not discriminated like his wife and baby. It's good to want to go and live somewhere else where they are more appreciated.


  31. They should have their titles stripped and thrown out of the cottage which has had two million pounds of tax payers money spent on it and if they want to live in Canada then go and don’t come back. Meghan has got Harry rap around her little finger. I hope one day he will wake to this



  34. selfish attention seeking…..who cares?

  35. The second guy was bang on, yes its admirable that they want to be financial independent, but Harry was born into privilege and will be able to live off that for the rest of his life, regardless of whether he gets anymore tax payer's money.

  36. Why should Megan take abuse from the people of Britain? We have no idea what has really gone on. Always the snide remarks, can break your spirit. Harry is on board. Wishing Harry, Megan and Archie the best.

  37. Come again when you can't stay so long

  38. She’ll get more respect in the Americas .Smart move..🇺🇸

  39. It’s plan
    By Megan she’s really self centered woman

  40. William & Kate moved to Anglesey in the beginning of their marriage.
    Consequently, it would be wise for Harry & Meghan to STEP BACK & move some place so that they can start their marriage & children life in SAFETY & PEACE.
    BRAVO 🎉
    They need joy & security as they start their married life.
    The media has been CRUEL & nasty & encouraged trolls thus causing a SAFETY issue.
    Congratulations H&M for putting your family’s safety first.

  41. A waste of film. These people have nothing of sense to say.

  42. She's already disowned her own family so no surprise.

  43. Hey nbc report this CNN just settled with the Covington high school kid that they lied about and smeared. Your next on the list NBC . GET READY TO START PAYING FOR YOUR LIES

  44. Harry is every bit an attention hound as is Meghan. She doesn’t need to take all the blame , they are two peas in a pod. Harry has always been a bit of a wildcard,

  45. Harry was loved and adored by the public. He would have continued to be so even if he didn't have a title and gave it up and self funded his lifestyle. Megnut cutting him off from his family and friends is not good for him. A man needs his family. Remember when he was all in love and getting engaged and said his family was the one she never had? Total BS right? She cut him off quick smart from his.

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