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Broussard: Scottie Pippen showed he was a top 5 player when Michael Jordan retired | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard breaks down the career of Scottie Pippen, and how he stepped up in Michael Jordan’s absence, following parts 7 and 8 of ‘The Last Dance’ documentary on the 90’s Chicago Bulls.

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Broussard: Scottie Pippen showed he was a top 5 player when Michael Jordan retired | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Do you think Scottie Pippen was ever a top 5 NBA player?

  2. Imagine if Lebron took over a 55 win team. As great as MJ was, his teamates were also great. When Lebron left that was a 17 wins Cavs team…

  3. U have regrets… U can't push that on anyone else… It doesn't make us perfect… It just means everything happens for a reason…

  4. He did not mimic no part of Jordan's game…

  5. Broussard is a bum. Pippen can't shoot and had no foot work on offense. He wasn't a good free throw shooter and wasn't clutch.

  6. Pippen had his best season ever, so did BJ Armstrong who was selected to the all star game as well as Horace Grant. But Pippen wasn't a top 5 player, BJ wasn't an all star and Grant wasn't an all star either. They put pressure on themselves that season because of MJ retirement and basically played tried to play every game like a game 7. The following season, they were fighting to be a 500 team until Jordan came back from baseball.

  7. Mike leave the bulls still a championship contender..Lebron leaves any team..lottery 100 percent

  8. The only reason the bulls didn't go to the Finals after MJ retired for two years was Horace Grant left also. If he stays there they're back in the finals and probably beat Houston. MJ didn't win until Scottie got there.

  9. Jordan benefited from playing with scottie as well

  10. Playing against and training with Jordan every day will make you a better player 💯

  11. In one video he’s calling Ewing goat, next video pippen top 5?! No freaking way he better in 95 than shaq, Hakeem, d rob, Malone, Ewing, Drexler, Barkley, and I’m sure forgetting others

  12. Yes I think so his all around game made him top 5 no less then top 10. His intangibles and leader ship made him really stand up.

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