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Browns fan banned over beer toss: I wasn’t even there!

Drink it in: The Browns may have just punished the wrong fan in the aftermath of Sunday’s beer toss.

After a Cleveland fan was caught on camera dousing the Titans’ Logan Ryan on Sunday, the team vowed to dish out an indefinite ban to the offender from FirstEnergy Stadium.

Now, the punished fan says he wasn’t even at the game.

Eric Smith told Cleve Scene that he was DJing a wedding on Sunday afternoon, and spent time at home with his family until leaving for the gig at 2 p.m. (the game started at 1 p.m ET)

Smith received a call Wednesday from Bob Sivik, the Cleveland Browns’ Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service, banning him from the stadium.

“I said please, please send me the footage,” Smith said. “And he was like, ‘You don’t have to get defensive if you’re innocent.’ ”

Smith told Cleve Scene he hadn’t been to a game in a decade, yet Sivik told him his tattoos were matched to the footage of the beer incident.

The Browns later released a statement saying that they had not identified a specific culprit and that their investigation continues.

“While we are continuing to gather information and have been in contact with multiple people as part of the process, we have not explicitly identified the individual involved or taken any formal action of punishment at this time,” a Browns spokesman said in a statement to Cleveland.com on Wednesday.

The incident occurred after a Malcolm Butler pick-six sealed a horrible Week 1 loss for the Browns, who lost 43-13 on their own turf after entering the season with huge expectations.

Cleveland will face the Jets at MetLife Stadium this coming Monday night.


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