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Bryan Smith: Adrenaline Filmmaking | Nat Geo Live

Bryan Smith: Adrenaline Filmmaking | Nat Geo Live

Jaw-dropping footage in stunning locations doesn’t come free. Find out why extreme adventure filmmaker Bryan Smith says that “the suffering co-efficient is my key to success.”
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Bryan Smith: Adrenaline Filmmaking | Nat Geo Live

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  1. OMG !!! That was amazingly awe-inspiring !! WOW !!!

  2. how does dareit ? Incredible They are to be at a loss for words " real daredevil "

  3. Who can tell me what is the name of final song?

  4. Not that anyone goes there at washington, All biggest photographers go there. Takes quite nothing to create a beautiful image as well.

  5. Brilliant brilliant work!!

  6. Andrew Skurka originally coined the 3 types of "fun" he discusded Type 1. fun to do & fun to talk about Type 2. not fun to do but, fun to talk about. Type 3. not fun to do, not fun to talk about.

  7. no matter if you black, white, or beigh, chole or orient made. treveling is the most human interest of the universe. #National Geography Indonesia

  8. Very cool very dedicated and hard working to get the shot. Nowadays Drones will be used for much of this.

  9. Thank you so much! This has been very helpful.

  10. Rest in peace Dean! Your missed

  11. Breathtaking!!! completely amazing hope i will be part of it to know my limit….

  12. This is why USA want Russia so bad.
    Russia is the last hope for all mankind.

  13. I just searched my name and found this :3

  14. Amazing job, huge effort, thank you guys for doing this. It's inspiring in so many levels…

  15. Where do I go to see some of these climbing clips in full length?

  16. looks like an awesome place

  17. Finally a video that's longer than 2 minutes.

  18. Very interesting! Great job to everyone!

  19. Great video and amazing job!

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