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Buttigieg: 'We Knew South Carolina Was Going To Be A Challenging State' | Meet The Press

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about where his presidential campaign goes after suffering a loss in South Carolina.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Buttigieg: ‘We Knew South Carolina Was Going To Be A Challenging State’ | Meet The Press


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  1. If they told this guy that as a Republican he could become president tomorrow he will switch parties and a second

  2. Buttplug should win the democrat primary.

  3. Buttigieg supporter here. Feel the buttplug dudes. Just feel it. I'm enjoying it.

  4. At least the south got it right. A policy and message of beating Trump is a poor message and platform to run on. And yes, I wonder if he was the toxic messenger.

  5. wish someone had made a bet on him winning any election for the people of this country,,,i would have went all in on him failing

  6. pete had to leave before he went completely broke so he would make sure he has enough money to buy the peanut butter

  7. Booty Munch pulled out and spooged all over Chuck Turd's hairy butt in the dressing room.

  8. Ha ha. Booty Munch is gone. Back to the Bath houses with Barry and Michael.

  9. Pete get over yourself, Trump should not be your focus. You are still the mayor of South Bend. Your job & city need to be your focus. smh

  10. Ay bruh Tennessee don’t want u

  11. OMG! This guy's delusional.

  12. Good riddance! A smarmy, fake candidate!

  13. I guess no federal funding for drag queens in schools and subsidies for bathhouses now.

  14. Chuck Todd's interview made Skeet Pete do some soul searching. #Karma

  15. Stupid liberals ,Dems and socialist point blank

  16. A voice echoed from the winecave: It’s time for you to drop out, boy!
    Buttjudge bows and says: Yes Sir!!

  17. Told to get out,I believe!

  18. Don't believe he will run again!

  19. One less clown Democrat!

  20. Biden and Pete has one thing in common… both will loose to Bernie.

  21. Biden he says and biden will say Bloomberg and

  22. Husband is waiting for you Pete to do the dishes

  23. See ya b/+€h. Go be a robot somewhere else.

  24. Wow.. Butthole is done… I wonder if someone paid him off..?

  25. Homosexuals and Alfred E Newmans don't appeal to black voters!!!

  26. Bye creepo. We want Bernie Sanders.

  27. campaign to defeat trump? it's bernie the moderate leaderships just don't get the job done. otherwise what do we want another 4-8yrs of no real change.

  28. Credit to Buttigieg, He's talking like he feels. Democrats have recognized that Trump
    should not be in the office and that America is endangered by a second term under
    Thump. Buttigieg will continue to fight for America and continue helping to remove
    Trump. Removing Trump will cleanse America with the chance to regain the dignity
    that has been lost. We have to get rid of "Fox News" as well, its damaging America
    and should never have been allowed in America. America wants Truth, not Lies. We
    need to bring back our "United States of America"…

  29. Klobuchar must be dancing in the street now – she'll see this as more votes/points for her. 3 hours after this he drops out.

  30. Exhibit A: Why talking obnoxiously over other folks in the debates is not a viable campaign strategy.

  31. Good riddance to Peter Buttiplug.😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. I am sure his husband is firmly behind him!

  32. Peter Butt-i-guess Mayor of South Bend Over, Indiana… Thank U 4 your service. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Uc_6CcX79w

  33. Hmmmmm., Sanders is getting strong support not only for his campaign but votes and delegates. What happened to those in this party who talked about unity? Bernie voters are Democrats in the party. I think they’re being treated like they don’t count.

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