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California Officials: Man In Custody After Shooting Six, Killing One On Greyhound Bus | NBC News

California officials announce a man has been taken into custody after shooting six people on a Greyhound bus, leaving one dead and multiple injured. The man was said to have “voluntarily” gotten off of the bus, leaving the weapon behind.
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California Officials: Man In Custody After Shooting Six, Killing One On Greyhound Bus | NBC News


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  1. Greyhound, they can't provide any better security than that, they need to be held accountable, this is the year 2020!

  2. Comment after comment getting deleted. So much for practicing your rights. Whoever's deleting them thinks it's okay to fight for the second amendment while supressing the first.

  3. This reminds me of one of Trevor Noah's Routines , when the cop said "Suspect" on a bus with a gun…so this was some random "WHITE" shooter…if this was a Muslim guy..this would have been a whole different News Story!

  4. In China you got coronavirus diseases unleashed every 10 years or so, in the US you have mass murderers everywhere, every year. Whose got it worse? Hmmmm…..

  5. So your telling me a state that has one of the strictest gun control in america didnt prevent this.

  6. He left a "weapon" on the bus? So, he's nOt an American or he lived close & didn't want 2 walk home w/gun? No 'Merican leaves a perfectly good weapon ESPECIALLY if they know they are…


  7. This is NOT news.
    I told those people they were more likely to be shot versus getting that Wuhan virus.

  8. Of course the shooter is a non white. If he was white they would've said it 30 thousand times and sprinkled with words like "nationalist" or "supremacist". Typical American media…you won't hear another word about this. Swept under the rug like all these HATE CRIMES that happen every day committed by minorities….

  9. They're going to call this crime… Let me gues…


    It seems,the shooter CAN'T BE WHITE,or the media,would have reported that FIRST!

    So,we're left with either an illegal barrio cockroach or a ghetto goblin!

    Enough said,
    stay armed thankyou!

  11. Thanks to stupid California guns laws, leaving citizens unable to defend themselves.

  12. California should get stricter gun laws, that should help. Maybe some of those no gun signs.

  13. HE CAN'T SPEAK .

  14. The word of God tells us that we do not fight against flesh and blood, it is a spiritual war. Pray, repent of all sins get baptized in the mighty name of jesus christ our lord and savior. And be filled with his holy spirit. God bless πŸ’ž

  15. I work near by saw the bus this morning thinking wyf no coffee.

  16. I should have known there would be idiotic comments suggesting strict gun laws would be manipulated into guns are illegal

  17. He left the weapon because it was a revolver and he had no more bullets.

  18. I don't want to jump to conclusions about the suspect yet.

  19. Give his name and details please?

  20. Now is not the time to talk about our toy guns.

  21. Many of your comments prove that people have no value for human lives anymore. We are talking about people being killed for no reason and some of you are making stupid comments. The fact that it's so easy for people like this creep to get guns should bother you. That's a big problem. And if you think more guns will solve the problem, then I don't know what to say to you.

  22. It’s a good thing he had a gun. Who knows what those six people were going to do to him. NRA to the rescue. (Madness)

  23. People in the comments section like to point blame. But, in reality, gun violence happens all over America for many different reasons.

  24. He had a good game chair and aim bot that's why you have to learn to build

  25. Well, they didn't mention race or gender, so you know who it wasn't. Yay, progressives! :/

  26. Is California, we don't care.

  27. Prayers for the injured and deceased.
    How’s those gun laws working California?

  28. The real crime here is paying 4.27/gal.

  29. His voice is the sound of soy.

  30. So many gleeful, β€œgood guys” someone was killed, that just makes you so happy.

  31. PRAYERS TO THE LIVING πŸ™‡πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  32. To everyone saying "I thought California had gun laws" it's not hard to carry a gun across state lines. We don't have patrols like we do between here and Canada and Mexico. Therefor it makes it a lot harder for a place like California to keep guns out. How many people who are normal citizens who if they had to move to California would sneak thier guns in. This is YouTube nobody will arrest you for it, but if you had to move to California for work or family would you take a possession that you knew was not allowed?

  33. Another democrat killing people. Not surprising at all.

  34. I thought Kommiefornia had tough strong gun laws designed to keep people safe? Why didn't that bus have a "No Guns" sign on the door? Isn't it already illegal to murder?

  35. If only law abiding citizens could carry and protect themselves without tyrannical hoops.

  36. Take all the guns and the toy guns as well.

  37. I can never sleep on those buses people be packing and sketchy af.

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