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California on the Brink of Pension Crisis and It's About to Get Bigger

FBN Special Report: FBN’s Liz MacDonald weighs in on California’s growing pension problem.


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  1. Unions have really looted the tax payer.

  2. Too bad for California! Who cares! Not me!

  3. C'mon, even without the present economic turmoil those fat pension payouts are unsustainable!!!!

  4. Dumb0cratic Socialist is not what our Nation needs!!!!!!

  5. Happening all over. And the pay raise still goes up for the next in line. There will be no money to pay pensions if there is no money… Going In.

  6. That is what happens when the Idiot Democrats give your California Tax money to Foreign Invaders instead of Californians who need it.
    The Democrats you Dummies keep electing are Globalist Fools! Now your big industry is Walmart Reminds me of before we left, we went to Walmart July third and asked where the flags were. The Worker asked what Country……………..duh…………………..
    You Jus' Gotta Love the California Education System!

  7. This is what happens when you think money grows on trees and no one has to work for it. Listen to the dems politics it’s all about free for everyone sound great but remember the reality with Obama the worst financial president in history. He didn’t even give it to the U.S. he just threw it to other countries If you vote democratic just remember this is what your asking for.

  8. Who cares? Just build a wall around that dump so those morons can’t escape.

  9. Go to hell Democrats and liberals you people have destroyed this beautiful state

  10. The communist mafia union gets a big cut of the action, so they pad up the pension to serve themselves.. The most insulting thing ive seen in my life is govt employees unions!.. like when have they EVER been on strike?.. BTW.. I get $300 less than welfare after working hard for 48 yrs. They are an arrogant separate society that votes our money out of our pockets and in to theirs.

  11. they will get max. $45,000 from fed govt. funding like corporation employees whose pension money isn't there to cover these massive "unpayable" pensions. An avalanche of hurt and disappointment. Thank you State elected officials and find a refrigerator box soon. I'd retire early as I could. Mexico now sounds appealing for retirement. good luck!!! you voted them in.

  12. The Dems are fuckin the USA….
    When the people open their eyes and see the consequences it will be too LATE!

  13. Well they are a sanctuary state so looks like they can take care of themselves.

  14. Give california to Mexico and let them sort it out . and send Pelosi home

  15. Don't cut services, cut those outrages pensions.

  16. Make them live on
    S. S. Trash Man $279 thousand a year ?

  17. Why would any first responder continue to work in a state knowing they won’t get their pension?

  18. Maybe the Unions could pitch in a little.

  19. June 12, 2013 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  20. California is a preview of coming attraction after President Trump!…Americans had better get out and vote in drove…if we lose this it's all over America will be lost!!!

  21. Hmm. California is a Democrat state.

  22. They are getting exacting what the people voted for it’s the corrupted politicans

  23. 6 years later , YOU HAVE NO PENTON.

  24. you see WHY WE HAVE DEBT IN TRILLIONS???????????????????

  25. Pelosi not doing her job. Schiff not doing his at supporting their communities.

  26. Where do these stations get their facts from…… ?? No retired sanitation worker gets more than 50K… you have got to be out of your mind to believe this crap.

  27. California can fall into the Pacific ocean and I won't miss anybody. BYE!

  28. Go West young man, go West
    I left my heart, home and pension in San Francisco……( you know how the rest of that song goes with some poetic licence to the lyrics) High on a hill it calls to me( help, I'm broke)
    What was that TV show? Californication? They got that right.

  29. then this all will be capped with the dreamers getting legalized then they bring their entire family
    granny, granpa and everyone
    so they also going to benefit, we dont know of what but they going to get welfare and housing

  30. Rest of America not going to bale these fool out pension to high lower everybody pension.

  31. Now the 'Retirement' model includes cutting Retirements OUTSIDE of the Liberal bastions, major cities, while keeping occupants/retirees incomes from public jobs INSIDE the cities at higher levels- for votes, This 'outside' is expanding TOWARDS the inner cities… eventually all Public retirement funds will have to include cuts…and the 'leaving California' will expand even faster as that 'Middle class' decides, it is better to live frugally elsewhere than lose everything in California, The State will be a massive Detroit, massive below income, with few above income levels for a decent life. The 'California Dreamin' is over.. just like the Pelosi clan did to Baltimore before re-locating to Ca.

  32. Anyone thinking California would have legitimate accounting…I've a unicorn that lays golden eggs. They buy votes by stealing working citizens $$.

  33. And this was 6 years ago LOL

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