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Calvin Harris Done Dating Famous Women After Taylor Swift Break Up

Calvin Harris Done Dating Famous Women After Taylor Swift Break Up

Calvin Harris is over famous women after dating Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding.

Starring Emily Longeretta

Produced by @nicktack
Directed by @ginoorlandini

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  1. People bashing Taylor Swift for having many boys.. that in no way affects her personality and it's not like she cheated on them, if she didn't feel comfortable in a relationship then obviously she would break up with them. Sometimes it's hard finding 'the one'.But yeah people should just grow the fuck up. Besides all you people SLUT SHAMING her…How about when Nick Young cheats on Iggu Azalea twice (or so?) ..with several women at a time.. so that's acceptable and expected but not from a female? #FuckDoubleStandards.

  2. I'm not famous, date me already??

  3. Did anyone like him with Rita Ora

  4. Calvin u need to go to the Caribbean dude!! if not am right here am from a Caribbean country! 😉

  5. Taylor tries to look the "good one" always but she's the fuckin hoe

  6. She used to be such a sweet girl.  Now she's just a slutty blonde stereotype.  I would like to feel sorry for her after that horrific Famous video.  But when you think about it, that depiction of her in bed with a lot of people is kinda fitting.

  7. calvin was famous and he music is epic and quite famous also.but dating taylor has put in the media light like never before

  8. ok with me, he is my celeb crush omg

  9. He's practically casting girls to be his girlfriend

  10. If he doesn't want to date famous girls, why hasn't he hooked me up yet?😂

  11. HOw funny that he has DATED SO MANY in the last few years before TS but she is getting so slammed.  She has dated some and only had relationships with a few over the last 10 years but she is being so criticized and called names for dating Tom?   No one is calling him a "whore" or a "slut".  We are such a screwed up society and then we wonder why there are so many abuses against women in our country.  We do NOT stick up or defend women!  We SUCK!!!

  12. Well Calvin should make the right choice cause he is done dating with celebrity and with that being said Taylor swift has changed a whole lot but inside of her is there something good in her. Calvin go get yourself a great girlfriend than Taylor swift cause she is nothing than a bitch and she deserves to have no boyfriend cause what she does is to like breaks a boy heart and that can be crushed if that happens then she will not have any love from her fans and that can ruin her life with no love at all. Taylor swift should never love anyone cause she deserves no fans at all cause she is know trying to date fucking rappers oh hell no cause no she is being a whore. For her she will never love anyone but a black guy eww and yuck.

  13. I have a chance😂😂😂😀😀Jk

  14. um, your info is not complete

  15. Oh hey I'm not famous as fuck so hey bae 😽

  16. I'm not famous and ready for dj daddy

  17. Is he gay now cus I'd sure like to get a piece of dat

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