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Cam Girls | Computer Love

Cam Girls | Computer Love

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  1. I have spent years on MFC and years on CB and i gotta say. MFC is so bad… Its incredibly bad and more expensive. CB is the best webcam site !

  2. 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥 The world is on fire… Ever wonder why???

  3. How much do they "care" when you don't make with the tokens? That's right, they don't.

  4. a camgirl that i've been talking too told me she cares about me, the hard thing for me is that every time i talk to her, i'm paying for it. it's hard for me to know if she really cares about me or just uses me for money. i asked her for her email address so that we could talk without me paying for it, but she explained that that's against the site's rules and she could be kicked off for giving out information. i just don't know if she sees me as a friend or as her favorite customer

  5. Very intelligent documentary and a good tone. I personally think that free cheese only resides in a mousetrap. If you do soft-porn on the net- it will always be there. Your kids and grandkids will stumble upon it. How would you feel if you found out your grandma sold 3 butt-slaps for 50 tokens apiece?

  6. These Nasty girls they enjoy it now but one day you will be none. In the grave with people do this business. Nasty business. Pimps. Fire 🔥 waiting for you. Enjoy it then.

  7. Nice! Now do a video about their pimps and their share…

  8. Wow, quite insightful. Not what I expected. Well done.

  9. Hi Amazing video!! thank you for doing it I am a horney girl and I want webcam sex please send me a message my cell phone +5492996894844

  10. People just want to F**K! all SH!T ASIDE, go out get off the machine and try to meet someone. Try fail and try again, humans exist because we F**KED for hunderds of thousands of years. STOP VIEWING THIS WASTEFUL SH!T AND GO OUT AND F**K!!! HELL GET TINDER , GET A DATE AND F**K!!! I can't believe how scared we have become of a real human connection. The world ends with a man VR headset on clutching his d!ck and nutting to the holographic image of cam girl. What a f**king waste!

  11. cam girls are just chep slots!

  12. interactivity….fuck that i just wanna beat off

  13. Never heard of Jennie or this B.
    But shoutout to MFC, chaturbate

  14. so it's basically virtual prostitution?…. just stay in school kids

  15. Soft-core prostitute, end of the story. Stop pretending, geez.

  16. i believe she is a porn star who hubby is a porn industry as well?

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