Cameron's EXTRAORDINARY 170 Pound Weight Loss – TRANSFORMATION

Cameron’s weight slowly crept up on him over the years. After feeling like he was holding his partner back, Cameron decided to make drastic changes. And his life couldn’t be more different now.

After is just the beginning.

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  1. I'm legit watching this while stuffing myself with doritos and soda

  2. Great Video.

    I'm started the year trying to lose weight.
    Hopefully I feature my Story here when I lose weight.

  3. Congratulations on your transformation. Would of been good to know what exercise you did( cardio or weight training) however, great video and all the best for the future.

  4. AMAZING! So many benefits to getting fit and healthy. Did anyone notice that even his skin cleared up. So Inspiring!


  6. Bruh how he get so cute like damn fuck cute he sexy

  7. WOW never knew because of weight you can’t have children that could be my issue.

  8. That is so great and so motivating. I am about 85-100 LB over weight now ummm I’m not sure… I’m 5’7” and 210 or 215LB so I guess somewhere in that’s range. I did really good before about loosing it but then something happened and I just said I don’t care anymore about anything. Sooo it came back and now it has pushed my depression to a very unsafe place. I don’t care about myself anymore I feel but at the same time I remember having a six pack years ago and being so happy lol. I just know I need to work for it but I need to get past my excuses and depression. It’s starting to really effect my everyday tasks now to, I’m always sleepy and grumpy. I started a new job at a dollar store and I noticed myself in the reflection in the window in my uniform and honestly it almost brought tears to my eyes. I’m 28yo and I feel like I’m going on 70yo. I wore a medium shirt and 30 pants now I’m a xxl shirt and a 38 pants. I bought a large Cali shirt ( I’m from Lakeside and El Cajon area but now in Oregon) for motivation but it just hangs in my closet collecting dust. If you have any words of wisdom to help me at all I’d truly appreciate it.

  9. Hopefully he dumped his fat wife

  10. absolutely fantastic Cameron, you've turned your life around, good luck for the future.

  11. 4:51 looks like a vagina on his neck

  12. Awesome man, really inspiring..

  13. Wow! What a transformation! Job Well Done!

  14. Wow…you are unrecognisable…..I did the same thing..I still watch stories like yours even though mine stared 20 years ago…It reminds you of where you have been and helps keep you in a good place.

  15. How to make skin tight after weight loss??

  16. He went from ugly to handsome. No homo

  17. What an amazing and inspiring story! One that he will be able to share with his daughter one day!

  18. Men or couples don't become pregnant. It's the woman who becomes pregnant.

  19. Does the skin ever adjust? Or will the remains have to be surgically removed?

  20. Funny what happens when u stay away from junk food.

  21. You have to be kidding me …

  22. His wife looks like a brunette Reese Witherspoon.

  23. as soon as the baby appeared I just had a big smile on my face for the rest of the video! XX

  24. I Dropped 100-Pounds And Its The Best Feeling EVER! Thanks For Sharing! It All Starts With The Mindset. Be Well

  25. Personal trainer specialist sports nutrition 22 years you can do it

  26. What an amazing achievement! I’m on my own body transformation journey, and documenting it week by week. See my progress here!

  27. I just think it's amazing that someone loved him when he was at his largest

  28. Hey great to see your taking new steps,. people don't usually put themselves out like this so I'm taking that step, I've subscribed to you, come check me out need your support. Good luck

  29. Well done. I'm currently going threw the same transformation.

  30. This is an inspiring story. This guy lost weight fasting too:

  31. But why is his baby chinese?

  32. Im overweight too… and i must say its just a mind thing… 1 time i lost like 35 kilos and gained them again after 2 years. Getting lazy will bring u back to the older you.
    Nice Story bro !

  33. damn lucky ass no stretch marks

  34. them are some cute lil nipples lol

  35. Hmm. What do these people do when they get fit and hot and their girlfriends or wives are still pigs? I bet a TON of breaking up and divorces occur

  36. In my experience if you go the gym/jog while obese you don't get judged! most people respect the fact that your trying to make a change. never be scared of the gym

  37. OMG, The baby. Cuteness overload XD

  38. how do they keep their muscles??

  39. Sounds like he has a great girlfriend that supports him. Hard to find those now days.

  40. What's the best protein to use while loosing weight at the same time?

  41. rreally good and not fake good job brother

  42. I've lost about 67 pounds so far and feeling great!

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