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Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes Relationship Fake? | Tea Drop Ep 2

Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes Relationship Fake? | Tea Drop Ep 2

Ali Stagnitta & the video team discuss what’s really going on between Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello, ask if Travis Scott is overrated, and Ali’s weird dream about Logan Pau. #CamilaCabello #ShawnMendes #TeaDrop

Things just keep getting hotter between Shawn Mendes, 21 and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, 22! The “Señorita” collaborators were filmed making out for a full five seconds at his birthday bash, which took place at Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge inside Brooklyn’s trendy 1 Hotel. The party finished off a busy day for the couple, who were spotted strolling around the Big Apple, dining at the exclusive members-only DUMBO House and brunching at hotspot Jack’s Wife Freda.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Passionately Kiss On His Birthday — Watch

Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta
DeVante Chisolm @DeVanteChisolm
Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

Produced By Nicolas Gonzalez @nictack

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Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes Relationship Fake? | Tea Drop Ep 2

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  1. Shawmila is fake or real? What are your thoughts after we spilled that special tea?

  2. y'all be ready to cry shawmila shippers if you know the truth😂

  3. It’s 100% pr mark my words and i slap in you guys face..camila is into green eyes and the person she remember at la cienega..is not shawn right.you guys delusional too much..listen carefully of all camila’s song none of em are for him..i know u might say”after all these years” after all these years i still feel everything when you are near”.shawn and camila has connection and even hanging out.”i know it’s just a quick hello and you had to go and prabably you’ll never know”.geez they follow each other in any social media wtf is the point lmao

  4. Well I actually don’t ship them cause i love their friendship, and i’m so scared when they are gonna break up they gonna end like JB and SG

  5. I’m so glad this comment section is actually very supportive to the both of them (Shawn and Camila) and not nonsense for once

  6. They were denying dating eachother after senorita dropped but now all of a sudden in a relationship? I smell something fishy. But there cute or wtv.

  7. I certainly hope it’s real, but the timing’s a bit suspicious in my opinion. Or maybe Señorita was just their way of telling us it. Could be that, but people have went even further just for PR.

  8. My cousin’s cousin said that she hated the couples Shamila. Because she said one of them were tall and one was tall and camila’s but was big. LOL😂😂

  9. I feel like Shawn and Camilla we’re dating for a while since “when I know what you did last summer” came out they started having feelings

  10. after his birthday i am convinced that the relationship is real ❤️

  11. It’s funny how people still think there relationship is a PR stunt, like what more do you have to see or what more do you want them to do to believe it’s real? Lol

  12. If they don't breakup in 2 months I will believe it's real otherwise senorita ..

  13. Yes this has gone too far but I think they are in a relationship, but don't wanna say anything because they just probably are not ready to talk about , especially with all the hate going on, which is okay. Also it might be overwhelming to them as well

  14. I love alistagnitta she is so cute and pretty

  15. I have a though wht if senorita was a love song to eachother and that was a singal that they liked eachother😏

  16. someone please listen to my sounds, i just need a chance 🙏🏻

  17. I don't think it's a PR stunt. Like you guys said they could over been dating serectly, becasue think about it. They made the video before rumors started about them dating. Camila and Matthew could of broke up a while before they announced it because wouldn't it be weird for Camila to make the music video if she had a boyfriend. This is just my opinion.

  18. If they are an item and if they break up with each other I will never be the same!
    And my eyes will probably dry out because I will have no tears left.

  19. Was it just me or did y'all were also waiting to see if that laptop fell ?….

  20. Shawmila is real after those kisses and privacy policy and everything #Shawmila guys

  21. It’s PR but honestly idc anymore I’m ready for this to all be over so it can leave my feed lmao 😂

  22. Ali dreaming about Logan is kinda cute and makes me ship them even more than I already do. Even though is wasn’t the best dream it was still a dream. ❤️😂😂

  23. It's real at this point, it's not like they just met each other and their publicist got them to get together. They been knew each other for like 5 years

  24. Shawmila is really to me because the song got number one already but. they went back to number two and plus why would you bring your family in a pr. Stunt they also look good together

  25. this has to be a podcast. Love it

  26. I just love it so much, that there TOGETHER 💜 it's the best thing in the world!! I new from the beginning of this, that it wasn't a P,R stunt! Happy birthday shawn, I love you. <3

    If you love Shawn Mendes or Camilla, like this comment! 💜

  27. I think that they are dating and at the same time they are promoting it. It’s ok because is there life job and if they can use there relationship to promote it i would if it helped. Idk i really dont see why we all tripping about it. At the end of the day they have to promote there music 🎶 but can also be in a relationship

  28. 1. The part about it being so convenient with the song coming out, um, the song came out 2 MONTHS ago. If it really is a pr stunt (and I’m not saying that it is), why would they carry it on 2 months?

    2. They’re getting so comfortable around each other in public, they’re kissing and hugging and holding hands, it’s really couple-like.

    3. Shawn’s 21st birthday. They were pre hanging out HOURS before the party, first of all. Second, Shawn had A LOT of people there. And they felt so comfortable with each other that they mostly hung out around one another. And Camila’s confidence to just kiss him like that in front of SO MANY PEOPLE and Shawn not pulling away, like, that sold it for me.

    4. Finally, before, when they tweeted something about each other, they would say something like, “You’re an incredible person I love you” and end it with “best friend”. But after Shawn’s 21st birthday party, Camila tweeted, “Happy birthday magical human. I love you!” and just kept it that way without adding anything else to it.

    So in my opinion, I think they are really in love

  29. Nic:Shawn and Camila are like the titanic
    Me:So there gonna hit a Iceberg and Die?

  30. Ali: You guys are non-believers
    Me: I BELEIVE I CAN-oh wrong song

  31. I think its real cause when shawn was at the beach with Camila, they left cause there was so much paparazzi and went to a private pool, but there was a person fliming them in a bush, and Shawn and Mila didnt even know. Second of all, why would shawn kiss mila infront of his mother. He wouldn't bring his family into it. Third, If only his fans were the only ones who think they are actually dating then whats the point of doing it anyways. Plus shawn and Mila are genuine people. They wouldnt do this crap. Senorita is already a big hit so whats the point of doing this? Sorry for all the misktakes, i was typing hella fast so.. Have a nice day! 😄💛

  32. Matthew broke up with Camila the end of May, the day after The Final Of Game Of Thrones (before the memorial weekend). He is a player. He dumped Camila many times before because he changes his mind constantly. So he breaks up with her today, and then in a week, he changed his mind & came back to her again & again. He has this dating game called Limbo. He dated other women during the time he was dating Camila(well, maybe not because he broke up with her many times inbetween, he is just a professional player). Anyway, Shawn has been chasing after Camila for a long time. He wrote Treat You Better, Why, When You're Ready for Camila. He has been cheering Camila up since the end of May. Their kiss at San Francisco a week after the July 4 weekend was their first kiss, you can clearly see how uncomfortable & awkward Shawn was, he was trying to make his first move. Yes, they are in love, but I think their status is SITUATIONSHIP, because Shawn is busy with touring, and Camila is busy wity her album & acting class

  33. Preach on btother ❤❤❤

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