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Camila Cabello Slams Fans Trolling Shawn Mendes Relationship

Camila Cabello Slams Fans Trolling Shawn Mendes Relationship

Camila Cabello is having block party on social media. Justin Timberlake and Lizzo teases new music. Plus – Taylor Swift does T. Swift things.
#CamilaCabello #ShawnMendes

Camila Cabello, 22, and Shawn Mendes, 21, don’t say a single word in the footage of them rehearsing their “Señorita” music video, but do they need to? In the new behind-the-scenes clip, published on Aug. 15 to Camila’s YouTube account, the two seem gleefully happy to get up close with each other while practicing the moves that made “Señorita” one of the steamiest videos of 2019. Every time Camila throws herself at Shawn and wraps her legs around his waist, the temperature in the room shoots up by a couple hundred degrees. When the two lock arms in a steamy embrace, the chemistry is off the charts.

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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Share Steamy Embraces During BTS Footage Of ‘Senorita’ Rehearsals

Starring DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

Written & Edited By DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

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Camila Cabello Slams Fans Trolling Shawn Mendes Relationship

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  1. We love you Camila at Shawn Mendes

  2. Camila is not interesting, she’s so boring…… and looks like his mother….. They are not good match…. She has old face….

  3. I would be happy to be blocked by Camilla cause she finally noticed meh. 🥴😍😍

  4. It's So obvious that Hollywood life is trying so hard to convince Shawnmila is real Pathetic 🙄

    👇🏼 ( I’m just a small YouTuber n singer tryna make friends 💗)

  6. I don't think it's such a big deal that she did that coz no one needs negativity in their lives so ……. yeah that's just my opinion

    I love Camila 😍😍

  7. Nice job on the video! Keep it up.

  8. Do you guys know Charlie puth is releasing his new single ?

  9. A wield abel appears as she yettied out of there 😂😂😂😂

  10. I think that your comment is so mean 😒

  11. Ok… So Camila doesn't even have social media on her Phone, so this is probrably her Team blocking them… And the shawmila shippers will now probrably replay to my comment bc they are delusional and they want to believe that Shawmila is real🤣🤣

  12. Go girl camila don't let anyone say s*** about you

  13. It is not our life it is her life so we shouldn't talk about it

  14. amennnn Camila go off on them…. btw shawn Mendes fans if u come after Camila we'll come after u and she will snap back sweethearts 😘

  15. Did anyone realise how skinny Taylor swift is🤔

  16. It wasn’t the same footage… the fuck?

  17. Why is this news. Camila is problematic anyways

  18. I honestly am annoyed by the Shawn and Camila stuff. They’re like, “We’re not dating”, but then get caught kissing Shawn the next day. JUST SAY YOURE DATING AND GET OVER IT. But I love you both. I don’t know what’s gotten into me

  19. So boring the bitch couple!

  20. Why just people leave them alone.

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