Can a woman win the presidency? Bernie Sanders answers on the debate stage | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren attempt to settle dispute on debate stage.
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Senators Sanders and Warren are given an opportunity to clarify what was reported as a disagreement over whether a woman can win.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren just strikes me as such a liar

  2. LYING LIZZIE: "Bernie said women can't win."
    BERNIE: "I did not say this, and my voting record proves my attitude about this."
    CNN MOD: "When Bernie Sanders said that a woman could never win, how did you feel?"

  3. Let’s all remember this is coming from the habitual liar Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren has stated three substantial lies during this 2020 campaign. First she stated she was of Indian heritage which of course is false and the reason why Donald Trump calls her Pocahontas. Then she lied about being fired as a teacher when she was pregnant another lie that was debunked when a reporter spoke to her former boss at the school and some associates she worked with. Now she’s lying that Bernie Sanders said she couldn’t win the presidency a year ago in a meeting but she never questioned him then about what do you mean Bernie that’s not true no she waits a year later right before the first votes are cast to spread this lie! We don’t need another liar in the White House. Go away Elizabeth Warren! And take your lies with you! You’re becoming a joke very clownish!

  4. Bye, Liz. An inelegant way to drop out, but whatevs.

  5. We might believe this if it wasn't about: Bernie Sanders, a man that went out of his way to support pay equity and paid maternity leave. Just stop this character assassination, no one's buying it.

  6. They are scared of Bernie!
    CNN & Warren's dishonest smearing is bad plan!
    Good on Bernie for staying civil and composed.

  7. CNN is Fake News Central.

  8. Once again, Elizabeth Warren is lying. As we Cherokees say, "White Woman speak with forked tongue."

  9. Warren is a proven liar. Why does anyone listen to this liar.

  10. Here is a list of Elizabeth Warren's lies, with sources for each one…

  11. Idk who’s behind this…if it’s Warren trying to galvanize the female vote behind her/get back on top of Bernie in the polls, the wealthy/media trying to smear Bernie or make both progressive candidates look petty, etc but what I do know is Bernie would never say such a thing. Many Dem voters on the other hand, feel Trump apears to attack women in a nastier way, ugly, disrespectful, and act more dominate w/women in ways or to an extent I’ve never seen him behave, at least face to face, toward a man. If Dems were facing a normal Republican, one w/a few more brain cells, more respect for others, one who didn’t have papa Putin to help him con almost half of the population, HC hadn’t lost to Trump in 2016, and the Republican opponent wasn’t the worst criminal mobster destroying our country, I might think gender and sexism wouldn’t make that big of a difference but I feel there’s way too much at stake in this presidential election. While there’s a lot I like about Warren, trying to con voters w/her Medicare for all (which is really a private healthcare w/a public option in her 3rd yr and since no candidate who wants to run again does any major or controversial bills in yr 3-4) it’s not M4A. Seems like her desire to win and satisfy moderate Dems plus paying it for it w/a flat tax per employee on corporations showed she’s not willing to fight for what she said her beliefs were. That was her downfall and it seems she leaked this false story to the press to help regain some of the voters she lost over her poor M4A (who want it) plan and lack of transparency. I think this false story about Bernie is again another poor decision that will lead to her losing more voters. It appears to be dirty politics at least in part on Warren’s part. MSM has for the most part had a Bernie blackout, often ignoring he’s even in the race until recently when they’ve been coming to the realization that Bernie could win and that’s making many higher earners on TV and their MSM bosses very nervous. If Bernie continues to look like he could win, he’s going to be attacked by candidates as well as MSM/the wealthy/corporations who don’t want the last 40yrs of living on easy street and stealing from M&L classes, the redistribution of income/wealth up to the top. It’s time to put an end to this despicable practice like we did w/FDR and a Dem congress beginning in 1933. It takes time for change to happen but if we keep voting for the left-wing candidates, both parties shift left as we have seen during 1933-1970 during the Dem mostly controlled government. Go back and learn about or refresh urself on the Republican mostly controlled period (house, senate, WH, Supreme Court) around 1880-1932 and the Dem controlled mostly period 1933-1979. We have been in a Republican controlled period since 1980 w/the same kind of outcomes and need that shift to Dem controlled period to move us back to an economy for all, reduce income/wealth inequality, increase labor unions, higher gdp, greater prosperity for all, affordable housing, healthcare, education, etc which also decreases societal issues like violence, extremism/homegrown terrorism/hate crimes, race issues, polarization, suicides, drug addiction, infant/maternal mortality, incarcerations, psych/med conditions, poverty, # of ppl in need of aid, and increasing social mobility, life expectancy, trust in gov and each other, etc. Bernie’s policies r very similar to FDR’s. Our ancestors have left us the how to book, if u will, to get to where we need to be to improve the lives of all in our history.

  12. I know one woman who won't.

  13. Can't wait to see the headlines "Bernie hates Women!…and black people"

  14. Lying Liz will be hurt by this.

  15. If you would run a better female for the Democratic nominee I would be all onboard. The person who will get my vote must first prove they’re not a manipulative liar. I can’t vote against my principles.

  16. This smear is despicable. Warren is in on it. She was my second pick. Now she's my last.

  17. OMG CNN. The FOX news level low is being shared by you. You're Fox without the ratings.

  18. Lol Democrats will try ANYTHING to push Bernie down.

  19. Bernie Sanders is CANCELLED!! The age of him and his misogynist Bernie Bros is over! #NoMoreWhiteMen #SmashTheFascistPatriarchy

  20. She is showing us why a woman won't be President. Too emotional, quick to play the victim card, easily baited. Trump 2020!

  21. It’s very disappointing that Warren would pull this stunt. I had hoped that this kind of infighting could be avoided, but oh well. The truth is that Elizabeth Warren is a bad candidate. She’s already fumbled several times and she’s now slipping because of it. Warren also appeals mostly seemingly to white, affluent, advanced degree holders and would probably struggle to motivate Sanders’ more diverse, working class base. She also doesn’t do nearly as well in the swing states versus Trump. I like Warren, but this fake controversy with Bernie isn’t flattering.

  22. #ITrustBernie
    This was hatchet and ratchet all at the same time. I’m old. I don’t know if I’m using ratchet correctly. Not the point. It was and remains journalistically shameful. The Warren made allegation confirmed only by that same Warren 2 years later conveniently just before the debate Sanders starts leading ahead of isn’t suddenly fact just because your corporate masters want it to be. This is a Trump play by Warren. I’m not trading one Trump for another. I’m done with politicians conveniently making up whatever story they like with no backing to justify whatever distraction or topic they want to put into the zeitgeist without some basis in reality.

  23. Not Warren. Never have I as a woman been so disappointed in another woman. She didn’t even keep eye contact.

  24. Warren, the Hillary 2016 2.0🤣

  25. CNN's poll of undecided voters. BIG SHOCK: Warren's the big favorite!

    Of all the unmitigated chutzpah. Even MSNBC could learn a thing or two from CNN.

  26. You shake hands and defend him for every debate until today, but apparently in 2018 he apparently told you, you couldn't win because you're female. I don't believe Warren was somehow pressured into staying quiet until 3 weeks out from Iowa caucuses. I don't understand why Warren would lie but I've lost my confidence in her.

  27. Warren is just a old Crone with her commy looking coats that she wears… Oh ,I beat men in a election and now I will show my power and not shake Bernies hand WOW Awsome…… what a loser.. DEMSels in Distress really better find someone fast .. The only one is Tulsi . Who is honest and really knows about what the Military is like in war… She could go against Trump.. Trump will demolish these six along with the Loser from Newyork.. whats his name??.. lol Vote TULSI !!!

  28. I'm sick of the MSM bias against Bernie!!!

  29. CNN is so disgusting. They just end up waking more people to their blatant lies and bias and damage themselves and the Democratoc party in the end. Then Warren refuses to shake Bernies hand at the end. Such disgusting behavior by Warren amd CNN.

  30. Pocahontas ain’t it!
    cnn is Very Fake news & reelecting TRUMP!

  31. Warren is looking down in shame.

  32. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t do justice for women. She’s a pathetic liar. CNN set Bernie up.

  33. I like Warren but that's a slimy answer.

  34. Warren is just trying to create an issue to get excited about to show that she is a fighter and to put Saunders down because they are neck and neck in the race, but she is making her self look ridiculous. In particular her trillion dollar plans for the country are not not attainable and would never happen if she was elected. She is just promising anything to get there.

  35. Warren didn't take off the gloves, she took off her mask.
    2016: Warren turns her back on progressives, ignores their pleas for her to run for the presidency, and then endorses the corporate establishment candidate.
    2019: Warren splits the progressive wing of the party by deciding to run against the person who started the progressive wave.
    2020: Warren attacks the progressive candidate who just rose to the top of the polling, right before the Iowa primary.
    When someone reveals their inner-self to you, believe them. Elizabeth Warren is not a progressive, she does not back progressive ideals when it counts, and she is no friend to the progressive movement. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing, she is desperate, and she is clearly a weak candidate.

  36. So you are telling me warren got to be in this election and not Andrew Yang? 🤨 yea ok look at the numbers the dislike and like difference in every single video or Warren and Andrew Yang this shit is so corrupted WE WANT YANG.

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