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Can China and Russia be strategic partners?

China and Russia vow to further strengthen their ties, as both countries are engaged in standoffs with the U.S.

China and Russia’s leaders say their countries are closer than they’ve ever been, and that’s partly due to what they see as a common threat.
Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s meeting in St. Petersburg was a display of the strength of their relationship, and also a show of solidarity against the United States.
Russia has been economically isolated for years due to Western sanctions over its invasion of Crimea in 2014.
Meanwhile China is in the grip of a trade war with the U.S. that’s seen tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods.
But is this a strategic partnership or a marriage of convenience?
And can Moscow and Beijing build a united front against Washington?

Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen

Viktor Olevich, political analyst and commentator on International Relations.
Einar Tangen, political and economic affairs commentator specialising in China.
Steven Rogers, U.S. military, security & defence analyst and member of the Donald Trump for President Advisory Board.

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  1. Pure Evil relationship

  2. The entire world can be strategic partnership except USA. U.S. is a MAFIA COUNTRY. IT is a danger to WORLD peace and stability.

  3. Will Chinese people be able to invest and work in Saint Petersburg and Moscow freely such as EU in the future?

  4. Trump is an oxymoron! The negotiator of the century 😂😂😂

  5. Do these guys realize non of this started with Trump there was a President be for him.

  6. Chinese communist party starved 76 million of own to death , the Russian starved 25 million of its own to death , two nation of mass murderer ? What a combination !

  7. China finished looting and robbing U.S.A past 3 decades. Not it is time to rob Russia. Hope Russia is careful about China

  8. With such distrust and you ask they have no choice eeee

  9. Well done China and Russia best friend working together.

  10. short answer: yes. very

  11. The Belt & Road Initiative: bitchute. com/embed/7FZEmE2End6K/

  12. china and russia is marriage by convenience and as well as long term strategic alliance due to trump administration.

  13. Единственный лучший друг в экономическом сотрудничестве. Кроме этого
    нет. Извините, ребята, мои секретные правила в России. Мне просто не
    нравится, что такое лечение и что происходит в Западном Филиппинском
    море. Бедные Филиппины, я не могу согласиться с лечением и проблемами с

    Only in good economic relation. Other than that, no. That's why Putin is looking down and really doubt.


  15. I'm russian, but I ain't as aggressor as they show and tell. I don't wish war for nobody! In our country 50% of capitalism. And only the best way for our country is socialism. I also know that our government and American government lie. Socialism is the best way because in our country it's difficult to get job with normal salary TO SURVIVE. Also a lot of people have big debts. Plus if we want to send letter to government for help they will decline or just make situation worse. I repeat, I would to be friends with other people, but in our world a lot of lie!

  16. You've obviously never heard of BRICS dunb arses. They with India initiate it.

  17. Never trust USA. use regional currency, dollar is evil power, avoid western currencies. Free trade between SCO,BRICKS, AND EURASIA is best to go forward

  18. The US against the World. The winners? The world. The losers? We the American people. Am I going to need to seek political asylum somewhere. Who is going to make my country more democratic? We are so screwed. I didn't vote for this.

  19. The guy that you gave the last word to is an absolute imbecile who does not have our best interest in mind! We have no respect for this guy! Why did you even have him on your show? Surely you're above that stupidity!?

  20. More like PR bullshit. They are enemies under the surface. Nothing will ever change that. Its a matter of time before China takes eastern Siberia, which has all the natural resources China needs.

  21. Trump is doing to China what Reagan did to the Soviet Union.

  22. as it pertains to Islamic fascism, BOTH nations view it as a common enemy

  23. So focus on their lies and propaganda that they are outwardly stupid.

  24. so if russia and usa got together who could ever stop us guess its a dream

  25. russia and usa be came friends russia and usa are unstoppable think abt that very simple

  26. china willnever be the number1 global power is usa people will pay more not to lose that

  27. Viktor Olevich nailed it: Nobody has done more to bring Russia and China together than Washington". THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND! I love it!

  28. Trade war destroys business confidence for years to come. It's ironic that this trade war should be initiated by a once-bankrupt hotel property developer and a known tax invader.

  29. This Rogers dude is a Trump apologist.

  30. Patayya dude just makes sense.

  31. Russia, China and India are friends of the communist era. What are you showing on your bigoted channel

  32. im sorry to cut you off sooo much Jeez

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