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CAN CRUSHER! – Guinness World Records

CAN CRUSHER! - Guinness World Records

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Impressive as it may be, one uncrushed can makes all the difference… With 73 cans crushed, the record for ‘Most drink cans crushed by hand in a minute’ still stands at 74 held by Muhamed Kahrimanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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  1. He should have gone double fists. Like donkey kong.

  2. How many are dying from starvation and dehydration in Africa?
    …oh well, doesn't matter right? this is a white man entertainment.
    Its meant to waste a lot of water (or soda)

  3. Aw so close man to getting that record

  4. Jay Owen would have been proud.

  5. This was a good speed feat, if you want to see power watch my world Record Coconut smashing on my page. 

  6. I did that after drinking that much worth of energy drinks

  7. so much wasted soda e.e

  8. This Is What Happens When U Annoy A Chinese Guy

  9. Look out blue man group, you've got competition.

  10. I could've drank those…

  11. meh, nothing but endurance.

  12. Time to use your brain there bud, go on, you can do it.

  13. I aint even mad
    but who the fuck cares if u are a muslim or not
    it wont make the joke funnier

  14. I'm not trying to point out that i'm a muslim. I'm trying to point out as a muslim i don't drink beer. Jeez. Somebody's on their period.

  15. u kidding me?
    what's the point of adding the muslim in this joke
    I dont see the humor

  16. of course I get it
    but who the fuck cares if u are a muslim or not

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  18. You obviously don't get the joke. Muslims don't drink beer. So instead of "Hold my beer" i wrote "Hold my soda". Get it now?

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