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Can Saudi, Turkey work together to shed light on Khashoggi murder? l Inside Story

It’s been more than three weeks since journalist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, never to be seen again.
And with each passing day, brings a new element to a crime that’s shocked the world.
Turkey wants Saudi Arabia to extradite the 18 men who’ve been suspected in his killing.
But Saudi Arabia insists they will face justice in the Kingdom.
This issue will likely top the agenda as Saudi Arabia’s top prosecutor arrives in Turkey.
The Initial Turkish inquiry has concluded that the killing was premeditated, a fact, Saudi officials have taken some time to acknowledge.
Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is urging Saudi Arabia to disclose where Khashoggi’s remains are and explain who gave the order to kill him.

So, will the two countries co-operate?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Adam Coogle – Middle East Researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Leon Fresco – Former U.S. Department of Justice official.

Rodney Dixon – Co-Author of a UN report back in January that documented detentions in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. masskin man danna anna do3aa selaho al3ajez addo3aoo selaho almoumen youmaddehe felayl lyara ataraho fennahar fassabron jamil wa allaho almousta3an

  2. Nothing will become of them if the trial is done in the country that order the killing….. Trial should be done I turkey with the assistance of other countries………. Enough of these brutal kill g in the 21centruy.

  3. Of course turkey and saudi can work together money money money what else is more important ?? Life is cheap to some people

  4. Filthy lying crown Prince = guilty of murder

  5. The title for this video is ridiculous,
    Those are the people who had him killed.

  6. What,s your name?oh your a fanatic with something to hide/admitted what. show proof?rehotoric doesn,t impress me.

  7. Saudi arabian government ORDERED this killing. so how do you say can Turkey and Saudis work together?!! as if Saudi's terrorist government is soooooooo innocent and they really will help with the investigation. you can't cooperate with murderers themselves and ask them to help you find the murderers!!! take your heads out of the sand and use your brains. what a joke

  8. I don't think is possible. Because Saudi Arabia is hidden something

  9. Turkey in agreement as leadership by Turkey with solution to a region.

  10. To save you time, Saudi Arabia gets away with murder

  11. I put my old dog down by shed light also.

  12. MBS/Mr. Bone Saw has a trophy case in his palace with Khashoogi's severed hands in it. The severed hands were hand delivered by the hit squad the day after his body was dismembered, according to News from Istanbul. Jared Kushner knew about this as did British Intelligence.

  13. We love Saudi Arabia and Turkey 😎

  14. Stop supplying SA with US made weapons. Sell mid-range palace-destroying missiles to Turkey. Let Turkey handle SA Prince.

  15. Why would Saudi hold a grudge against Turkey ? Although, ottomans did destroy the Kaaba once…

  16. Two killers almost kissing… makes me sick to see vile people like this in charge of so much.

  17. The new's anchor….. Mentioned he is Imran Khan…. Wonder were did he left his skull cap, beard and a black mark on his forehead…. hope it's not against Islamic teaching.

  18. Saudi Arabia love sending dozens of their men to foreign countries to rep havoc

  19. Can you imagine? You're ordered by the Saudi prince to go murder Khashoggi. Failure to comply with the order probably means you're dead. So you go there, do what he asked, and go back home only to find out that it's become an international crisis, and now to save face, the Saudi prince has denied any knowledge of involvement , and is going to have you tried and executed for the killing? I'm not sympathetic to these murderers, but what a joke. Do the Saudi's really think anyone is buying this story or is this just what Islamic "justice" looks like?

  20. Cut the political garbage… Saudi Arabia is only able to do these things bcuz of its western support. This is 2018 and its disgraceful that Saudi Arabia is beheading people for drug use and still maintain its international diplomatic ties. Its a shame on humanity.

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