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Can Thailand ever be a democracy? | Inside Story

When you look at a country that’s had 12 coups since 1932, along with another seven attempted ones, well, there’s clearly something of a love-hate relationship with democracy.
And so it is in Thailand, which had an election in March, the first since the 2014 coup, and now has a newly-confirmed Prime Minister.
Only this Prime Minister was the same army general who led that coup, leading to a whole lot of questions about the true state of democracy in Thailand.
On Inside Story, an in-depth discussion on the relationship between state, military, monarchy, and the people, and why that mixture proves so unstable, time and time again.

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria

Michael Montesano, coordinator for the Thailand Studies Programme at the Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore.
Sunai Phasuk, senior researcher for Asia at Human Rights Watch, and a former adviser to the Thai Senate.
Anthony Nelson, Director of the East Asia and Pacific Practice at the advisory firm Albright Stonebridge Group.

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  1. No one ever mentions anything about the education system. It ranks near the bottom of Asia in Math, Science, IT, & even in their own language. If they are certain that they're governance works, then why has Vietnam surpassed them by a light year's margin? One might wonder what's the point of the annual EDUCA conference for? I think KPOP keeps the youths hopeful because at the moment, they are the only role models prevalent. Sad but true

  2. The truth is that Thailand has been under controll of Military and majority of military become senators in House of Parliament. They have never pay respect to majority of Thai voters. How this can be Demodracy, I would call it The MOST Dirty Election ever in not only Thai but also human history.

  3. thailand forward party is their only chance of becoming a truly democratic country

  4. Sawa D cup!(why not c cup, e cup?) is d cup the perfect size?

  5. sometimes I like to say, F**ck your democracy to yourself!

  6. Thailand is a blueprint for all the worlds to come if people don’t wake up and get dictators out,

  7. Al Jazeera, a Qatar funded tv, talking about Democracy lol :D:D:D

  8. Wow.. funny news from Al Jazeera !! hello Al Jazeera, better you people's try to justify your own country (Qatar) democracy instead of describing others !! Propaganda channel.

  9. Military, monarchy, people … in that order sadly

  10. Can any country be democracy?

  11. if democracy ever hit Thailand, Thailand will become Gayland ahahaaa

  12. Thank you for bringing this topic up

  13. I think Thailand has a good leadership

  14. No democracy in Thailand.

  15. What about Qatar?? Is that a democracy?

  16. i have never heard the word 'coup' so many times….
    it's a kingdom, pas republic.

  17. Well, now you all have to start from zero. The coronation ceremony last month showed how much Thai people love our monarchy. Sorry and good day.

  18. Why would I care, I don’t live there.

  19. Can the US ever be a democracy?

  20. wt abt Great Britain and Japan??

  21. The Thai should never listen to other people and choose 'democracy' that other people are trying to impose on them . If you choose overthrowing your monarchy you'll pay for it.

  22. they have a king, who has absolute power, theyve never had democracy

  23. Is there democracy in Middle Eastern countries?……I think not.

  24. Shame Thailand and the thai richest monarchy in the world!

  25. Coups corruption and revenge

  26. Yes. If they had Oil, we could even give them some Freedom!

  27. Your military, monarchy and Buddhist monks will never allow democracy since they all live off of your taxes and don't have to work like the rest of the population. Get rid of them any way you can then you might have a chance at democracy.

  28. Democracy DOESN'T exist, nowhere – also not in Switzerland. The Freemasons, Satanists, Synogogue of Satan rules over this flat Earth. Not long anymore. Judgment is coming.

  29. When will Qataris get a chance to vote in an election

  30. qatar shame on this channel – talking about democracy LOL

  31. Bit odd , Al Jazeera , will talk same on its country of origin… almost all countries that are not democratic by its constitution talk of Human Rights , democracy and preach rest of the world

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