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Can Women's Rights Survive Trump?

Can Women's Rights Survive Trump?

Will reproductive rights for women survive the Trump Administration? Ana Kasparian, Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin break it down on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/UCSnFkX-bCQG8Dyj7LlzICHQ

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian

Cast: Ana Kasparian


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  1. These 3 women are terrible ppl.

    Ps I’ll bet my actual life the day trump leaves office all of these 3 will be just fine, anyone disagree?

  2. This video is retarded, women have more rights than men, in fact, American women are the most privileged on the planet.

  3. Why can't Republicans be pro-life on health care, gun control or the death penalty?

  4. Yeah condoning accessory to murder.

  5. Women should have the right to murder their babies because it's in their body?…

  6. Q: Can women’s rights survive Trump?

    A: Hopefully Not.

  7. One minute they're freaking out about the browning of America and protecting "white heritage" and the next they're trying to justify banning abortion because its killing brown babies. WOULD YALL MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

  8. Be afraid of anti-abortion laws. El Salvador jails women for 20 years to life for miscarriage claiming they got rid of their babies on purpose.

  9. Thank you TYT for never putting anyone attractive on air, it makes me concentrate more on how bad the actual content is on this channel 👍🏿

  10. Women's rights my behind. I don't pay attention to women's right anymore. Why? White women overwhelmingly voted for Trump. They should get exactly what they voted for.

  11. If you can cut someone based off political views then you are a terrible person in my opinion. No, matter how "progressive" you think you are. If you are gonna cut someone off then cut them off because they are drug dealers, child molesters, scammers, not because they different political views. That is despicable to me.

  12. Woman’s rights? 🤨 rights for American citizens will be fine, rights for foreigners or non citizens is out of the window but that’s not just trumps fault. As long the majority of American population doesn’t leaning over to the religious groups the woman’s rights or privilege won’t be threatened

  13. Trumps presidency is almost over so nothing to worry about 👍

  14. Can libtards survive another 4 years of Trump?

  15. You have to win the Senate and increase the size of the Supreme Court and pick some more justices under Sanders/Warren. FDR did it, and the number of seats on the court is set by Congress via legislation. Payback for The Turtle McConnell's bullshit with Merrick Garland.

  16. This is why women shouldnt vote.

  17. We live in a throw away society. If a woman wants to murder her unborn child and throw away the fetus, she has to live with it. Ana supports you 110%.

  18. How can a tyt cultist trust a woman (Ana) who sold out her own people? Trust a Muslim (keek) who practices altaqiyya? Silly cultists!!!!

  19. Tyt sucks. Cenk the Muslim apologist sucks! Oral Annie the armenian Judas sucks. And tyt is fake news. Tyt loves black people and supports abortion. Wtf!?!?!? Margret Sanger created planned parenthood to genocide blacks.

  20. I wish someone on the left would deal with governor Northams comments about post-birth abortions, I really don't know how to respond to a conservative who brings that up

  21. And what women's rights has trump violated. 😂 This channel is beyond pathetic. 👍

  22. it'll go away once the Dems and media are done using them

  23. People have to vote! Apathy takes away rights.

  24. Can women's rights survive Islamic immigration? See female mutilation wave started in america since somali hordes started being shipped in.

  25. Fetuses aren't sentient and it's literally not possible for them to feel pain until 2nd month. Before you compare it to killing someone in a coma they aren't and have never been conscious, never expressed a conscious interest in continuing itself other than seeking and reaching the egg ( which doesn't make them intelligent, otherwise that makes ejaculation genocide ). Following some of forced birther logic it is genocide and robbing potential people of a chance at life, even if it's just a sperm. All pro lifers should go vegan, it's a fact slaughtered animals feel both emotional and physical pain. Interesting how many of prolifers are also anti contraception. Woman's life and well being > some unconscious, incapable of feeling pain tiny piece of meat that could POTENTIALLY be a baby

  26. OMG I didn't know trump wants to do away with the Equal Pay Act, women's voting rights, their right to drive or be uncovered!

  27. Pursuit of happines, is only for male, or abortian is according to your law legal

  28. There's diff between a goo & a baby. A fetus doesn't feel pain till 24th week. Only after 15th week the goo turns 2 a fetus that starts 2 look like a baby. I personally believe 15th week shld b the max.

  29. Killing a human being isnt a right. Abortion kills a third of African American babies. So much for you carrying for them

  30. You niggas are OBSESSED with murdering your offspring. WE. GET. IT.

  31. Why does it take 10 minutes to answer the simple question posed in the title? Y'all need to work on your vid titles.

  32. Maga = America when women were second class citizen with no voting rights or privilege black people are slaves, only white home owners can vote, LGBTQ community is decimated and the kkk is making policy. Sounds familiar.

  33. Gobb0gobb0GOOOOO!!!(Cue the Flinstones theme)

    ♪ ♫ Christians, Right-wing Christians

    they're the fundie nutjobs of the west

    From the middle ages, or just maybe 1956

    Clueless to their own hypocrisy

    Don't care 'bout the baby refugees

    Christians, kooky Christians, screamin' for a gob0goo's right, the gob0goo rights, 'cause women are just ribs! ♫ ♪

  34. Does anyone here believe cenk would let his daughter get an abortion?

  35. Ha ha, at first glance I thought the headline was,
    "Cat Womens' rights survive trump."
    I certainly hope so.

  36. these are the desperate actions of the angry old white man. As depressing as this is the pendulum will swing back the other way, and women will get their rights back.

  37. If Roe Vs Wade is overturned people should be ready to forcefully remove those conservative judges out the Surrmes Court..

  38. Yes. Yes they can.
    If we'd given up on this in the past, women wouldn't have gotten the rights they have.

    Never give up.

  39. The stupid propagandist idiots at super fake news TYT don't even know what rights are.

  40. Well now that's a strange crossover of two of my you-tube subscribed channels that I didn't see coming!

  41. Why are we putting up with anything he does? He has betrayed this country. He is Putins puppet.

  42. Liberal females are single in higher rates in America and measure their progressiveness by how long they remain unmarried, childless, and unemployed

  43. Can ANYONE’S rights survive Herr Trumpf, America’s First Dictator?

  44. The mind of modern white feminists is a hypocritical, confusing and a dark place

  45. Preventing the abortion of all those minority babies will mean more minorities for racists to throw in prison and make more money for the owners of said prisons.

  46. Hopefully not. They shouldn't vote.

  47. White women are the most privileged people lmao

  48. Men should have the right legally to opt out of an unplanned pregnancy

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