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Cannabis tech buyers guide

The tools you’ll need to smoke weed like a responsible adult

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  1. All these products suck. I’ve used them all. The only thing worth using would be the peak or volcano but neither of those are economically priced.

  2. I’d be sitting off to the side while my friends are using all these and I’d be reading the instruction manual 😂 then I’d just say fuck it and grab a bong

  3. Sadly still illegal in britain

  4. More like 420$ buyer guide jeez

  5. i dont even smoke and you ended up in my recommended lmao

  6. Boring sponsorship. No smoker would actually advise wasting money on a fucking electric grinder.

  7. Dude stop looking like you’re reading the words off a screen. Also, these are ace 🔥


  9. I feel like this is what Tabasco Sweet will look like in 10 years

  10. I always found that an old gatorade bottle, length of hose and a cone piece made out of tin foil was the best way to smoke

  11. Best one is a Gatorade bong

  12. Thinking about buying an Xmax starry. I have a solo 2 and love it, It’s just not something you can really hit in public since it’s so big with a large glass tube haha.

  13. The best rolling machine that I ever used is a dollar bill. Been doing this since the 60's.

  14. If they keep selling pods and cartridges for fuckin 60 bucks, there will always be a black market. 😁

  15. Its legal in South Africa as of yesterday!!!

  16. The pax era is where it’s at

  17. A joint is not the easiest way. Buy a small metal pipe that you put a screen in. Far easier.

  18. Oh look. Phil swift post cannabis. Less enthusiastic, more disheveled and sun burnt.

  19. This dude looks like he just woke up

  20. What about the arizer air? Ceramic element, convection not conduction and made in Canada plus super durable…I've dropped mine several times and even into water and it's been great. And they make a table top for way way cheaper than a volcano

  21. I tried so much but I dont get the hype…it was underwhelming u feel a little happy, relaxes and jiggly and thats it so disappointed

  22. You dont need all this shit just too get a one feeling of high

  23. I find it funny how I’m watching this because I’m Interested but he says dispensers but it’s illegal we’re I am

  24. I can’t seem to get high off thc oil.

  25. wheres the bong rips at…. theres nothing better than a fatass bong rip

  26. why not stick to the tried and true glass and papers. a good glass piece can last a lifetime with proper care.

  27. Why do you sound like the household hacker of weed, its pretty cool!

  28. It is impossible to smoke weed and be a responsible adult. You are getting high, so, your capacity for reason is compromised. This is the exact opposite of being responsible.

  29. I wouldn't recommend starting by rolling joints, it can be difficult and frustrating for a lot of people. A glass pipe is much easier, plus you can start with small bowls in stead of roasting an entire joint.

  30. He kept saying loose leaf, what does he mean

  31. Volcano is awesome I’ve had mine for 5 years it’s expensive but worth it if you smoke daily like me

  32. move the reading cards lower to the cam.. you can tell he is looking up

  33. I thought it was danial tosh talking at first 😂😂

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