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Cao Dai's History in Vietnam | The Story of God

Cao Dai's History in Vietnam | The Story of God

Morgan Freeman talks to a Cao Dai Senior Cardinal to discuss the lengthy history of the religion in Vietnam.
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Cao Dai’s History in Vietnam | The Story of God

National Geographic

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  1. The Cao Dai religion is a blend of Eastern and Western faiths and appears to be flourishing in Vietnam. What intrigues you the most about this religion?

  2. i consider this the coolest religion in vietnam, since how many other religions worship a national poet/prophet with Victor Hugo and Sun Yat-sen?

  3. Love for all hatred for none

  4. those senior cardinal think they are god.

  5. Came here because i saw illuminati

  6. Well, if you National Geographic made about Cao Đài Religion then i suggest you make Coconut Religion with Nguyễn Thành Nam was the first Coconut monk in Bến Tre. 😅

  7. That's witchcraft that was a huge Ouija board they're talking to the devil

  8. lol vietnam's freemason. "one seing eye" symbol of the antichrist/dajjal.

  9. I _____ I fill in the blanks.

  10. There are so many Gods and there is no God.

  11. Illuminati
    Jewish probaganda they want to spread that devil

  12. Nice eye of lucifer y'all worship

  13. Have a wonderful day! 🌲🌳🌴

  14. But how came the symbol of free messon illuminaty (triangle+ eye+ Sun rays)?

  15. Anyone find it weird that their symbol is the same as the free masons?

  16. I was borned in Tayninh -the small province of Vietnam , the place where Caodai religion was born and developed

  17. 😅😅 wtf illuminati 😧

  18. That's it ?
    There's so much more to be known from that religion..

  19. Definitely something fishy about this cult

  20. Looks like it is similar to freemasons/illuminati religion or cult…….!

  21. First of all, not the Vietnamese communist party banned Cao Dai for the fear of its military history, but because materialism is the principle of Marxism/Communism, which means that all religions must be eradicated from society (similar to Chinese cultural revolution). However, they realized this was too extreme, so they allowed religions to be back into society, as long as they do not violate the law and spread propaganda against the communist party of Vietnam.

  22. Illuminati pretending that this thing is god.

  23. I was gonna joke how the narrator sounds like God, but 0:30 nvm it is him alright.

  24. Classic cult turns into major religion story

  25. who elese is from vietmam i am if your vietnam youll know this username is vietnamiese

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