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Captain Fearmonger Exploits France Shooting

Captain Fearmonger Exploits France Shooting


Trump will do ANYTHING to convince his base of radical terrorists trying to murder them! Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/JsqdPTNk3xo

Read more here: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/420942-trump-ties-french-terror-attack-to-border-security-funding

“President Trump early Wednesday tied a potential terrorist attack in France by a French-born shooter to border security funding.

‘Another very bad terror attack in France,’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘We are going to strengthen our borders even more. Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!’

Trump’s tweet came after he met with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) at the White House on Tuesday to discuss funding for his proposed border wall.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. This has nothing to do with immigration. This person was born in France. From immigrant parents.

  2. What about all the white racist radicals that are right here in America?

  3. Don't the French have gun control?

  4. He didn't murder those people because of his ethnic background. He murdered them because he was a radical islamist. A muslim. Is this so hard to admit, TYT?

  5. Can you all get rid of the track bar? It's way too big and causes screen burn in. Can't watch a lot of videos on my TV because of it.

  6. Radical in what? Ana kept saying radicalized in prison. Radical… what exactly?

  7. Isn't Trumps' wife an immigrant too?

  8. Yeah, we French want Trump… behind bars/in a padded room, where he can't do more damage to the world! (Oh, and we wouldn't mind if you could send Shrub our way so he can be judged in La Hague)

  9. Almost guarantee it was a Muslim attack and as usual you guys are going to do your regressive apologetics.

  10. Trump's tweet makes it sound like France is a border threat. Maybe I'll mail him a globe for Christmas so he can see the natural wall of big huge wet water called the Atlantic Ocean that keeps the French from walking across our Eastern border.

  11. Young turkeys are a DISGRACE to America! You 4 savages are Idiots… lol

  12. So lets check radicalized hell yea
    Always been nut case not really worth mentioning
    Seems to be non French marocco origins from parents hell yea
    Person is actually French and has been part of violent crimes and radicalized because learning from wisest in prison hell no
    Killed more than 1 person hell yea
    Isis used act as propaganda means "he was one of us" hell yea

    Hell yea is narrative that is constantly used in news. Not really facts these are exaggerated and made larger than life. This raises peoples fears to all high and diverts attention to race issues religious intolerance and sadly gives so called actual terrorism platform to grow. Then come vultures feeding on misery and despair they say "Muslims are coming they eat your children, rape your men and elderly, sell women as slaves to Indian telemarketing jobs" This gives plenty of ammunition to right wing gun nuts and sadly fear that creeps to hearts people takes hold they become even more so called "local people" distrusting every foreigner who happens to be different than you. I could place some non media sexy shootings here Colorado and Brejvik in Norway i wonder right wing never mentions these these are only nut jobs deranged aliens to their ideology.
    What is actually benefit of this kinda news reporting it creates so called barrier to foreign cultures it always starts we do not eat babies this other group does. Example in Finland due historic wars against Russia further you go from border more you see fear and hate of Russians all that because past grievances or war stories your grandad told. Closer to border you live and more contact you have with those people they become more humane and decent persons. Just like Finns there is rotten apples in all nations in this case it was French one.
    Like in America dems have lost their way still clinging to me American bad Russia this is cold war 2.0 . Republicans are creating South Park fear "they took our jobs" this is mainly targeting poor refugees that are dehumanized transformed to terrorists trying to come your country and eat your babies rape your livestock and man etc. everyone of these belong to gang even woman have aids or some other disgusting illness like medieval black death. Same thinking goes to America further you live from border more you fear.
    How would you fix this situation you know terrorism lives and dies because publicity and stability. You could report this 4 dead in France police hunting nut case but instead it was 4 killed in France by terrorist attack Isis claims responsibility. In this kinda news you gave platform to terrorism and gave publicity to Isis. In this case even if Isis was not anyway responsible it gained publicity. This always means more money and more recruits.
    Stability of region is lot harder to gain as long as there is any monetary gains to be had America is there they are like shark in pool soon as they smell petrol or petrol dollar being molested they start fear mongering. During their free time they grovel before Israel and Saudis like obedient dog they are. More wars in middle-east more petrol money and needless to say more military spending. More money even comes from selling armaments and know how to their most humane allies in region Saudis and Israel. Win and double win.
    If these next generation immigrants are so dangerous why isn't America only race so called natives old indian tribes those where there long before dirty European refugees or was there somekinda ethnic cleansing after all you never know if second generation citizens starts gun rampage would this make America more safe? How about Trumps wife she is clearly not local people 🙂

  13. The comments sections literally side by side cult behavior if you would look it up online.

  14. There's a difference between Muslims who murder in the name of their Religion, and a random White guy shooting up stuff.

    Progressives will try to draw parallels because they don't actually understand what makes somebody do these things.

  15. An attack on the life of multiple people is always a terror attack. However this attacker in France was rather a very violent criminal, Nothing else. A useless thug, a loser who has dismissed every opportunity in his life. A derailed idiot – a nobody. To make a mark and get headlines he turns himself into a "terrorist". There is no political agenda. Btw he was killed today in a shoot-out with the police.

  16. 27 criminal convictions? It's just ridiculous what certain people are let loose into the public again and again. After 10 criminal convictions, assessment should be done on weather they serve humanity better dead than alive.

  17. Says the side terrified of inanimate objects and who uses a statistical minority to push draconian legislation…

  18. Here’s a tip TYT. If you don’t want people to become radicalized, stop bombing the shit outta them.

  19. Their tone is totally different when an Islamist shoots up or bombs something, than when some "white man" shoots up something.
    Here they're apprehensive, "you have to be careful about drawing conclusions.". The conversation always goes to criticize conservatives, and American policy.
    But if it's a white guy, then Cenk is either jubilant, or fuming mad about guns and conservatives. And the perpetrator's face will be all over the background. Cenk will go on a rant about how he told everyone how dangerous these people are.

    This double standard is especially ridiculous in that "white man" isn't an ideology, but a physical appearance, while Islamist is an ideology, which very often motivates terrorist attacks.

  20. Also it does not defeat the only purpose or even the biggest reason for incarceration. There’s deterrence, which may have been effective to a degree. There is also the protection of society from the criminal’s behavior for a while. So what are you on about, TYT?

  21. So if this guy broke into dentist practices and pharmacies, maybe he was addicted to opiates on top of having been radicalized.

  22. Of course the orange clown was an immigrant, his real is not Trump, it is Drumpf, its a German name. If France wants Mr Drumpf PLEASE, PLEASE hand him over to France!

  23. Now I remember why I unsubscribed, not because the context is bad, it's you fill my subscription list.

  24. France only want Trump for the Guillotine.

  25. I'm sorry I wrote in a hurry. I've made a lot of english mistakes and some words are lacking. I kope you will eventually get the idea despite of my many mistakes…And to answer Cenk question: of course we bear with you about social injustices! Of course!

  26. Americans got support from France after 9/11 and the hearing that proved w heard of OBL definitely going to attack using planes. He was gonna do something…after they attack aka PNAC.

  27. I hope my lenghthy explanatipns here are going to be read by one of you guys! Cenk French are very attached to symbols of democracy (like our Marianne which is the personnification of The French revolution). We gave you one! We love it! It's the Statue of Liberty. Every time I hear, see the opposite of what she stands for I cry. I for real cry…The day Cenk reminded us what is written on it I cried. I'm on a sick leave with few money otherwise I would have pay Nancy Pellosi's membership with this message written in the stone by Marie Dunant a young protestant enslaved during Louis tge 14eeth terrible repression against protestants. She was 14 when she was enjailed with other women who would be blackmailed to renounce their faith by witnessing atrocities committed against their children. Marie carved in the grave the latin word REGISTER= Resist! Marie resistance wasn't passive it was active even if she remained enjailed most of her life! This would be my personnal message for the Democrats leadership: stand up! Register!

  28. To answer Cenk question : oh yes we feel for you we bear with you…We count on you in 2020 at worst and we count on you if the findings of whatever District or Robert Mueller report lead to what the Senate has to do to protect Democracy. And what's happening : voter suppressions, fraud in NC, the sabotage that is taking place in Wisconsin and Minnesota…Man how come all of you are not in front of Capitoll hill????????? It's beyound outrageous! Those are what I call "crimes against Democracy". French and American we have rebelled against monarchies we have paid the price of wars, we are "bloody Democracies" we shouldn't stay still when any attempt to undermine what has cost us the highest price is made! They are "crimes against Democracy"

  29. From the french girl: 1) About why 4 years vs 26 convictions about robberies=> We don't have a judiciary system of "cumulative jail time" for each and any charge! Our "life sentence" is actually 30een years. Whenever your hear "perpetuity" it actually means 30 een years (ex.1st degree murder with premeditation). So in the light of the worst sentence well 4 years in prison for robberies is actually fair…I'm sure they were fines and maybe monitered electronic conditionnal freedom. I've not yeat dug deep into the case of that guy but he seems quiet young so ot could be that a lot of his criminal activities begun when he was a minor hence his been trialed and sentenced as a juvenile which could explain in part why it's not more jail time…Another aggravated factor could have been lacking at the time he was convicted: did he comitted those robberies with a gun…It could be the difference between a lot of misdeminors and actual "crimes" in french judiciary system…But I'm speculating because I've not yet seen his criminal record…2) Yes indeed our main issue in France is "radicalisation" while in prison. This is our main issue here and nothing in the "jail system" was intended to prevent that sort of systemic problem and nothing is yet effective to prevent it nor to "deradicalize". We have ongoing experiments that are failing one after another…3) Gun laws are stricts. No terrorist attack carried in the french soil has been carried with legal weaponery. Zero absolutely zero. Except for hunters I'm not aware of legal gun owners. French people don't live their lives carrying guns. We have no constitutional rights to do so or not do so. We can all go to a shooting club if we like to shoot but guns stay there we don't take them back home. Rural french are hunters they have hunting weapons. Some people can apply to carry guns like pistols after investigations they could be allowed to own guns and it's not many. They usually have it at home. People don't walk around carrying their guns every single day. It's even forbidden for private citizens to have pepper spray…If your caught using it even in self defense you're still going to be in trouble. No military weapons can be legally purchased. So weapons carriers are called : law enforcelent id est the police and military that's why militaries can be used to enforce safety on french soil which is the cas since we are in constant terrorist threats. So militaries are deployed across the country. It's legally regarded as an "ongoing war against France on its own soil" hence the militaries. 4) "Fiche S" wich is "the counter terrorist intelligence black list"…The pb is that for now there isn't yet clear laws allowing to do anything else then surveillance into/onto blacklisted people. It's just an intelligence system… No preventive legal actions other then surveillance and ranking the levels of threat an individual/an organization presents to national security. There are a lot of constitutionnal issues to allow more actions…As you've seen in the yellow vests movements french are activists champions…Even the black listing is fought by citizens freedom advocacy group. We look like a lot with americans our first ideal is "freedom" (we just define it diferently). It's the first word of our national moto "freedom, equality and brotherhood". So any attempt to restrict freedom is a constitutional crisis in itself. You have to understand how our both constitutions (french and american) work. It is an absolute "must do" not only to understand french but to better understand yours in America. You always Forget that historically the 2 where correlated. So to come back to the topic, our "bill of rights" is "The human and citizen rights declaration" it directly grants individual rights that the Republic has to ensure every french citize as opposed to yours who restrict the federal governement into citizens lives. Ours is what the Republic is mandatory due to warrant any french citizen (your rights are derived from one action or another that the federal governement is not allow to do/ours define all rights that by definition is due to us. So if the Republic take this or that action where the each and every rights due to a french citizen and more over our bill of rights is actually inclusive meaning "it's the UNIVERSAL" bill of rights not only due to french citizens but to a "human being" living in French soil…Hence going beyond surveillance (even that blacklist for extreme freedom advocates is a violation of the freedom rights constitutionally due to anyone.). You pass laws by the 2 chambers the same way we do. We have to ensure the law is constitutional in the process of passing it. If it's not the law cannot pass. So a law is suggested to the house whenthe house pass it, it goes to the senate same as you then what could be viewed as the suprem court (which it isn't) can overview and revised it's constitutionality (in the first place the House shouldn't pass an unconstitutional la then the Senate shouldn't neither then sometimes when they can't sort it out the "Conseil consitutionel d'Etat" would overturn it. So you have to suggest a constitutional law in the first place. It doesn't pass until it's constitutional. No supreme court is going to have it 'says' after a law is passed so we'd better ensure it's constitutional prior to pass it…So passing a law even in what we could all view as "exceptional martial circumstances" that has a shred of constitutional issue is a very long process. You have to make it constitutionallly "fit"…This large explanation is just to mention why allmost all the terrorist attackers were blacklisted but no preventable actions had been taken. The only way actions can be taken is to catch them when they actually break the law in a way another. Ex. Illegally carrying, moving or traficking weapons! There you go! It's like Al Capone you catch them for a parking ticket…It's not what's happening because the aim is to dismantle terrorist cells so they want the bosses not the fake soldier….Counter terrorism complicated!

  30. DEMONald Trump is doing what Demons do-spread hate,evil,and robbery.

  31. People shoot people every day, Trump just waits for the shooter to be brown so he can exploit it

  32. Trump doesnt do anything with any kind of thought.. cause thinking would hurt him, he is a man who acts on feelings.. we all know for a long time that he does not think about anything so please do not try to make his actions any kind of logic… ther is no logic in Trump other from his narcistic ego

  33. Honestly..I’m just surprised there hasn’t been a mention of “gun control” yet

  34. A suspected "MUSLIM EXTREMIST" holy shit…Stop with the lying Young Turds.

  35. Trump is such a weakling has to use France as a stepping stone cause he's a failure…he can't even get his magical wall built now more lies lies lies…this is pathetic same old rinse and repeat

  36. zzzzzzzzzz. More Trump nitpicking. Do some real reporting for once.

  37. the old turds projecting as usual…..are u hate mongering hypocrites ever gonna get your priorities straight or is bashing Trump all youre bad at?

  38. Trump only is successful at creating xenophobia within his ridiculous followers all 65 million of them.

  39. Empty out all the French prisons too since they aren’t working very well for them since this Chekatt guy has been convicted and served several prison terms obviously they weren’t harsh enough and it didn’t benefit the people of Germany and France to lock this guy up for a brief spell with radical Muslims and then set him loose to get a weapon and shoot people up at a Christ Kindle Markt.

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