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Cardi B Cancels Several Shows For This Health Concern

Cardi B Cancels Several Shows For This Health Concern

Cardi B cancels her upcoming concert and we have exclusive details why. Plus – Offset aggressively slams a fan over a ‘cheating’ comment.  #CardiB #Offset

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Cardi B might have given a clap back for the ages that will never be topped after fans claimed that she flashed her vagina in a red carpet pose at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The photo in question showed husband Offset, 27, dipping his wife backwards while holding up her left leg, and her gorgeous yellow gown had a slit up to her hip and she was definitely going commando. The wardrobe malfunction photo quickly made the rounds and the 26-year-old literally stripped down naked to show fans that it was part of her butt and not her hoo-ha in the racy photo.

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/05/01/cardi-b-bbmas-wardrobe-malfunction-naked-rant-instagram-video/

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Cardi B Reacts To Shows Being Canceled Over Health Concerns 


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  1. What did you think about DJ Khaled's 'Wish Wish' music video?

  2. Thank you for your support Offset!👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐

  3. This is an intense topic so LETS MOVE ON THUMBS DOWN imagine being black imagine you think we can just say moving ON? This channel steals black news but doesn’t give a care about blacks more than they do dogs smh

  4. Cardio is not trying to save you..she's trying toidguide you with her voice and words like a robber she got ur broke add monies

  5. How about she cancels her career

  6. you can tell this reporter gets no dick, cringy jokes and puns lmao

  7. Nicki Minaj is like yesss shes hurting rite now let me step up my shit and do me lol but I wish cardi the best,but why surgery let's be natural

  8. Is this was Nicki everyone would be dragging her and not wishing her well 🥴

  9. Your like Beyonce. Bleach your self because your ashamed of your race. Your as fake as Trump…..

  10. If aliens invaded earth and wanted a human to eat I would offer Cardi B ..
    No actually I wouldn’t even serve that shit to aliens

  11. Botched up surgery lol die bitch

  12. She canceled me last night 😭😭😭 In El Paso Texas

  13. When nicki had to cancel her concert because of safety issues in the building everyone clowned her. But when cardi cancels a show because of a cheap ass boob job everyone stays client! The hate train is real guys! Anyway i wish her speedy recovery and wish that no one would ever get sick. This is nothing to make fun of

  14. Cosmetic surgery? Really?

  15. In my opinion, abortion should not be legal unless in cases like rape, incest, and danger to mother’s life.

    Also, God bless Cardi. Hope she feels better.

  16. Cardi b is a cunt 😩

  17. I feel like so many people can be first cuz like not only one person will see it first

  18. Red head STFU your voice kills my fucking hear shut up can't watch the video without having ya annyoing voice

  19. She looks good and unlike Nikki she admits to surgery.

  20. 6.1 million women have a hard time keeping a pregnancy or can't have kids and that is only in the US. 57% of women consider adoption. 40-50 MILLION babies are killed a year so approximately 125,000 babies are murdered every day. If it's not murdered then what would you call it? Tissue with a heart and a working brain being let out of a women's body??

    A human is called a human for 1 major reason: because they have a HEART BEAT and this starts around 5 weeks after your pregnant. I don't understand why women have abortions obviously there are women out there who would gladly love to have a kid or even kids. Is a baby not a human because of were it is? So like if a baby is in the womb but apparently people who support abortion call it a fetus anyway is it because the baby is in the womb and there for it's not a human and it's not murder. But if the baby is outside the womb then it's a human and if you kill it then it's murder.

    And with the stupid women have a choice with there body. Yes, women should have the ability to chose what they do with their body BUT when it comes to a baby and a life…here think about this: A women has an abortion because she was raped (but she could have had the baby and given it up for adoption but beside the point) she only did it because she can choose to have an abortion because it's her body…….? But what about the baby it can't talk but the baby can feel and the baby can feel the pain and suffering of the abortion happening. The baby can't speak but I bet you anything that if the baby could talk it would be asking it's MOTHER, "why are you doing this? what have I done wrong for you to kill me? you don't need to be afraid."

    Maybe what people who support abortion don't understand is that when a women goes to have an abortion the people giving the abortion take a sonogram but they NEVER show the women it. By the time that she is in the room she does not have a choice anymore of what they do to her body. There is something called the women massacre which happened on mothers day when women were getting abortions but the process went wrong and after the mothers had theses abortions they got terribly sick and died because their uterus was torn up to shreds by the machine full of knives went into her body to cut the baby into pieces. None of these women had a choice and a say in what was going to happen to them after they signed the paper. So yes women have the choice but they only have that choice for so long.

  21. Oh, Poor Cardi! We'll Remember you Next Year When u be in the Past… Well, Not Really ◇ Cancelled

  22. Love cardi and always will

  23. I hate that she’s going through it bc surgery can hurt a lot of ppl but I’m hoping she’s ok

  24. I saw this coming she did warn fans during performances she shouldn’t be performing

  25. this channel always got the tea👍

  26. No she cancels her show cause Kulture lil sick and she spending day with her and yeah she have latter plans



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