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Cardi B Divorce Pitbull Video Goes Viral | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B Divorce Pitbull Video Goes Viral | Hollywoodlife

A Cardi B video is going viral for the most hilarious reason. Offset’s alleged side chick releases a new record about him. Plus – Nicki Minaj apparently wants to take her new relationship to the next level.
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Hours after Cardi B, 26, announced she’s “not together” with estranged husband Offset, 26, she shared her first picture of their five-month-old daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, on Dec. 5. It begged the question: who would get primary custody of the baby, should this split become even more official with divorce paperwork? With no signs of reconciliation yet — save for one angst-ridden tweet from Offset — HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY spoke to Jonathan V. Dunn, P.C., a family law attorney in Georgia, as it’s the state on the rappers’ marriage certificate (dated Sept. 20, 2017).

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Cardi B Vs. Offset: Why She Would Almost Certainly Win Custody Of Kulture If They Divorce

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Written By Nicolas Gonzalez

Edited By DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

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Cardi B Divorce Pitbull Video Goes Viral | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Yanny or Laurel – I mean Divorce or Pitbull?

    Also, check out our new HollywoodLife Beauty Box! Get over $100 dollars worth of products for only $50. It's the perfect gift for the Holidays! https://goo.gl/CHpr4d

  2. Clearly hear that do not say no damn pitbull

  3. Nicki wants to settle down with a rapist and murder that ard has 5 kids😩

  4. Im not even mad at summerbunny or other women that offset allegedly cheated on cardi with. I mean everyone knew offset and cardi were together, but at the end of the day no one forced offset to participate in any of it with those women.

  5. i like that shoutout to my man pewdiepie

  6. and all you THOTS finna buy that wack bitch music too! music got so bad that these wack bitches think its ok to fuck with niggas married or not then write a song bout it painting themselves the victim. I mean she's just as wrong as he is but they gone drag him and make her a millionaire for doing nothing but getting in the middle of a shit show relationship to begin with. Stop making these talentless people famous for doing what people been doing since the beginning of time!


  8. I swear y’all always put nicki name when y’all talk abt cardi. Like this got nun to do w nicki y’all really press her name cuz y’all know her name be ringing bells.

  9. I hear divorce. I mean, I've been thinking they need a divorce since he cheated the first time

  10. Nicki found the wrong man she wants to build a future with him!?! For their "future Kids" soon as they get older there gonna find our there dad was a sex offender and oh boy

  11. NICKIIIIII WHAT about Drake!!??? He luv you he's probably hart broken rn

  12. I’m I the only one who heard pitpull

  13. Damn I wanted Nicki to give Jackson Wang a chance since he likes her so much. Only you Kpop fans will know what I’m talking about😏

  14. Umm how did she not know offset was MARRIED to cardi when she a CELEBRITY 🙄🙄🙄 she’s so dumb shoulda came up with s better excuse

  15. Nikki is fucking nasty she fat asf it’s not even funny

  16. How would everybody know because she has had more dicks in her than Carter has pills‼️ What is Cardi going to do for Offset birthday , since he gave her the world and more on her birthday ‼️👠💧🍼🛍

  17. And when he eat the 🍪 he got good form❤️❤️❤️

  18. East Coast Renaissance did not come up with that. I literally commented that under the post..

  19. Her name summer because she a summer fling lol

  20. So now that Cardi is breaking up with her husband now Nikki wants to steal a man break somebody's relationship to be in a relationship to get some attention. There is something wrong with that girl because woman dont do shit like that girls do.

  21. Nicki ain't getting any younger just let her be happy

  22. Offset more like leftoff badnbouji

  23. Offset is the pitbull… 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  24. 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  25. Yall crazy…cardi b clearly said "divorce " stop twisting people's words just for views…thats why there's so much corruption in today's society.

  26. She is a home wrecker. Like how can you sit there and watch this man PUBLICLY date a woman. And still fuck her man. She knows she wrong and cardi is good for not outting up with it anymore

  27. Subscribe to PewDiePie channel

    Lol I watch his videos just haven't subbed tho

  28. Anyone else think the title made no fucking sense😒

  29. Minaj and sex offender bf feeling to become the next ike and Tina Turner

  30. The only person who should ask for forgiveness is offset not the other girls

  31. 😂😂 @ "subscribe to pewdiepie's channel"

  32. I'm glad that Nicki is finally settling down. ❤

  33. Who cares cardi b is a whore, and will always be one lol

  34. the interviewer looks like Sierra Burgess

  35. Oh shit that was crazy first I thought pitbull and it worked and then I played it again and thought of Divorce

  36. So when Cardi goes low Nicki GOES FUCKING HIGH BITHCESS!!

  37. @2:21 did anyone else notice nicki’s hand getting caught in her weave!!!! 🧐💀😂

  38. Damn, cuban mami who got nailed by brotha offset looks like a thinner black china! But, dominican mami cardi is sexy hotter than cuban mami though!

  39. Or you can switch it with “I told him the other day we gonna get a good pause”

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