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Cardi B Emotional Response To Moms Who Leave Kids Unattended

Cardi B Emotional Response To Moms Who Leave Kids Unattended

Cardi B has an intense warning for mothers. XXXTentacion’s baby mama wins a legal case against the rapper’s Mom. Plus – Yung Bans brings out YNW Melly’s brother on stage! #CardiB

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Cardi B might have given a clap back for the ages that will never be topped after fans claimed that she flashed her vagina in a red carpet pose at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The photo in question showed husband Offset, 27, dipping his wife backwards while holding up her left leg, and her gorgeous yellow gown had a slit up to her hip and she was definitely going commando. The wardrobe malfunction photo quickly made the rounds and the 26-year-old literally stripped down naked to show fans that it was part of her butt and not her hoo-ha in the racy photo.

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 Cardi B Emotional Response To Moms Who Leave Kids Unattended 


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  1. What should Chance The Rapper name his upcoming album?

  2. Girl she ain't wrong, Some women are just blind the mess their partner is on. Know these guys better before letting them into your kids lives.

  3. I leave my baby with my boyfriend he's a great father and were getting married soon😍. Not every guy is bad of course scope him out first I talked to my bf for at least 5 months before even meeting and another year before I could count on him to watch her. But no celeb is going to tell me to keep my baby from him he's more of a father than her actual dad. Sorry cardi.

  4. Cardi's right!! If the truth hurts that's on you.

  5. I'm sorry i have to say this Mum is M U M

  6. Cardi’s part @ 2:10. Thank me now

  7. I love cardi but she’s mad trippin by making a statement like that

  8. She has amalgams in her mouth aka as mercury circulation in her brain and body

  9. Does anyone know the background music in this video?

  10. For the people that are saying “ you shouldn’t have that type of boyfriend” well that’s why we have to get to know people, there not gonna tell us “ oh I do things to kids” or sum shit until they actually do it then you know what type of man he is🤷🏽‍♀️🙄👋

  11. I thought XXXtentacion was dead

  12. My mom let somebody she barely knew have full access to her house while I was there and she was was at work and I’d be uncomfortable sometimes but she didn’t care

  13. Don’t like how this channel is misleading viewers with the title. CardiB was only the topic for like 40 seconds. Not even the majority of the video smh…..

  14. Awww she should’ve said also: don’t leave men around me too because I’ll drug and rob them

  15. Y’all post on cardi everyday about nothing don’t make it so obvious

  16. I don’t agree with cardi B…


  18. I don't like a lot of things Cardi says or does BUT she's right on the babies thing. I don't leave my kids alone with anyone but their birth father and his and my closest family

  19. Cardi is talking about the case in Houston. I'm sure. Where a mom left her 4 year old with her boyfriend while she wemt to funeral out of state. 4 year old already previously removed from home for abuse causing 4 year old to need serious brain surgeries. Then 4 year old goes missing after the mother breaks off engagement and the boyfriend is seen on tape carrying huge garbage bag in laundry basket and bleach. Many more details I haven't included . boyfrirnd now in jail on 1million dollar bond.

  20. Cardi's right! I don't care if you think he's a good guy! Of COURSE he's going to be nice to the kids around you… I mean seriously. I raised three kids on my own with almost no money and didn't bring strange men (or women) around my kids, it wasn't their fault their dad and myself's marriage didn't work out- wait until they are grown is my opinion and I know it isn't a popular one!

  21. Can we get someone other than Ali

  22. The only people who don’t agree with Cardi are the people who are doing it themselves

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