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Cardi B Reacts To Body Shamers In Emotional Video

Cardi B Reacts To Body Shamers In Emotional Video

Cardi B goes off in a video about her liposuction. Billie Eilish reveals why she wears baggy clothes. Plus – Ariana Grande is being sued. #CardiB #ArianaGrande #BillieEilish

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Cardi B might have given a clap back for the ages that will never be topped after fans claimed that she flashed her vagina in a red carpet pose at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The photo in question showed husband Offset, 27, dipping his wife backwards while holding up her left leg, and her gorgeous yellow gown had a slit up to her hip and she was definitely going commando. The wardrobe malfunction photo quickly made the rounds and the 26-year-old literally stripped down naked to show fans that it was part of her butt and not her hoo-ha in the racy photo.

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/05/01/cardi-b-bbmas-wardrobe-malfunction-naked-rant-instagram-video/
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Cardi B Reacts To Body Shamers In Emotional Video 


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  1. Do you guys like Ed Sheeran & JB's new song?!

  2. I know that paparazzi come out of nowhere, taking pictures of people, however suing Ariana for using one of the pictures that they took that's why they're suing her because she didn't ask? But she didn't ask you to take pictures of her. Got me messed up tf.

  3. Fuck the photographer, tell that photographer not to shoot photos of u if the photographer don’t want u to use it. The photographer tryna get rich off ari.

  4. Even though billi dresses like that to prevent others from judging her style is fucking AMAZING

  5. Subscribe to my channel if you’re reading thiss 💋😘

  6. Cardi fashion nova clothing line is more like club outfits/ thot outfits which is nothing wrong when you need an outfit for a party. I wouldn’t say you could wear that to brunch or a mall lol

  7. شكون لي شاف بيني وجهك😅😅

  8. I support ALL of these fashion decisions. Honestly.

  9. I did like you Ali because i really think you're good at your job, you know how to make the news interesting. But, i find it quite disturbing that all day long you talk about celebs lives and you ask us to follow you (IG, Twitter) because you know you're popular… and here you are having your lips done and not answering when people are telling you in the comments below. That's a shame. By the way you look good both ways equally.

  10. So like we gon have to pay artists to post them pictures

  11. She’s my age and has the exact mindset i do when i get dressed

  12. Beyonce makes time 👀 blu, twins, touring, performing, etc etc ..but hey. That's Beyonce

  13. TBH Billie eilish has the best dressing in my opinion unlike other women singers or rapper

  14. i still don’t understand how cardi b isn’t cancelled (as much as i hate cancel culture) yet

  15. Here is a thought…. Who gives a shit?

  16. We finna forget Cardi B drugging people? This stuff should actually stay relevant

  17. She didnt have the right to a photo of herself ??? Lol alright.

  18. Miss Frankenstein 🥰

  19. I love Cardi! She is so real! Just as real as they come and I hope she always holds on to that!

  20. I love cardib 🤩😍😘🇩🇴

  21. Cardi body shamed the Owner of THE SHADE ROOM couple weeks ago

  22. ALI your AWESOME 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  23. I love you guys so much 💛💛💛💙💙💜💜💗💗💖💕💕💘💘💕💕💕💗💗💓💓💓💛💛

  24. I love billie and totally feel what she said. not wanting to be labeled or harrassed about our body it's not hiding it's respecting yourself more

  25. Ed Sheeran and Justin are sensational together… I hope to see more collaborations in the future-

  26. Cardi can’t catch a break

  27. Can't wait till I get lipo 😊 because my forhead growing out of control. 💀

  28. Why is everybody judging Bardi leave her alone like everybody In this world FUCKED UP only god can judge us not y’all TF🙄😤

  29. god damnit ALL cardi b does is rant on insta like sis im over it she seems to have a problem with the whole damn world💅🏻

  30. I just saw someone in the Instagram live say that Nicki still can admit her ass is fake ummm……PROBABLY CUZ IT'S NOBODY'S BUSSINESS.SMFH

  31. ahh I love you cardi 😍😍

  32. If she'd keep her nasty mouth shut., people wouldn't be bashing her so much.
    With the money she said she got, I myself wouldn't care what people say.

  33. Ed sheeran and Jamie’s new song???? Lol huh?!?!?! Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl…. 😭😂👏👌😆👍🤣😅

  34. It’s Ariana face WTAF

  35. Cardi B is the most gorgeous black woman. I could love her better then offset

  36. How she make a song saying people will do anything to get a response but yet everything people say she HAS to respond to

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