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Cardi B Responds To Second Pregnancy Rumors | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B Responds To Second Pregnancy Rumors | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B reacts to fans claiming she’s gaining weight and claiming she’s pregnant again. Plus – Post Malone disses Yelawold & Roddy Ricch may be banned from London.

Cardi B is such a phenomenon that even country queen Reba McEntire is aware of the “Money” singer’s catch phrases. Out off all of the 26-year-old’s quirky sayings, it’s how she says “okay” as “Okurrrr” with a rolled “r” that has caught on everywhere. The 63-year-old singing legend did a dead on impression of Cardi in a Twitter video on March 5. She’s seen in her dressing room looking down at her phone when someone tells her “Reebs, we’re ready for you,” and she looks up and tosses out “Okurrrr” in such a perfect way that if you didn’t watch it come out of Reba’s mouth you’d think it would be Cardi saying it. The impression is that dead on.

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Reba McEntire Mimics Cardi B’s ‘Okurrrrr’ In Cute Video – Watch

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Cardi B Responds To Second Pregnancy Rumors | Hollywoodlife


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  1. What should be the next baby name?

  2. Idk when wearing just a body suit became a high fashion trend, but I CANNOT wait until it's a thing of the past and we can all laugh about it, like feathered hair, feathered eyebrows, and the damn mullet

  3. Who came first to the comments?

  4. I love my wife CARDI❤❤😍 so what bring em on❗

  5. Who cares. Cardi is a MARRIED woman. She can have as many kids as her and Offset wants. Focus on ur own life.

  6. The way all the comments are about cardis pregnancy but not the stabbing in London.

  7. im sick of hearing cardi and Nikki Minaj two bitch

  8. Why the fuck you’re lying 🤥 -1 subbie

  9. i think she should name her kid ka-kah lmao

  10. Mmmmmm idris Elba has a voice that makes me melt 💕💕💕💕he’s gorgeous!

  11. Answer This for me all of the big-time celebrities like Justin Bieber and like all the celebrities and stuff like that and singers and rappers they say that they care about all the violence and they wanted to stop people post something on Twitter and say that the like they will make a video about it or something and they never do like yes the celebrity or singer or rapper is probably busy but still like and some celebrities might have already made videos about this I do not actually know if I don't really follow a lot of the pop celebrities and not really follow a lot of rappers so I don't know you tell me

  12. I kinda feel bad for famous people who are expecting. If you are pregnant you want rest. Not paparazzi following you. Let her live her life.♥️

  13. Y'all Cardi is not pregnant she is just on period tf y'all talk about

  14. Cardi B looks like a baby doll

  15. Pregnant or not why dragg or bash her though 🤔🤔

  16. Khanel and kendric !👦👧

  17. Does it MATTER. Does anybody give a SHIT. No. Not really.

  18. Lol love cardi she has no chill 😂

  19. Kulture. Religion, Ethnicity🙄

  20. wtf why is she shocked?? she lied for what, 6 months last time, why does she think people will believe her? XD

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