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Cardi B Reveals Why She Attacked Nicki Minaj | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B opens up about her infamous fight with Nicki Minaj and reveals what exactly sparked it. Plus – Nicki was noticeably missing from the American Music Awards and we know why. #CardiB #NickiMinaj #AMAs

“For a while now, she’s been taking a lot of shots at me,” Cardi B told Wmagazine, regarding her beef with Nicki Minaj. “I spoke to her twice before and we came to an understanding. But she kept it going.” It all came to a head when Cardi supposedly found out that Nicki “liked” and “unliked” a tweet about her mothering skills. That little piece of information is what caused the “Bodak Yellow” singer to lash out against Nicki at the Harper’s BazaarICONS party during NYFW in September, leading to a very public fight that involved a thrown shoe!

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Cardi B Reveals Why She Made Nicki Minaj Drama So Public By Fighting At NYFW Party

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Cardi B Reveals Why She Attacked Nicki Minaj | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Out of a scale 1-10 (10 is the best) how would you rate Cardi's AMA performance?

  2. i wish cardi would just die

  3. Y’all People in the comments Be Fake asf Because let’s say Cardi Dies And Then The Manaj Fan Gonna Leave Her And Then Say OH CARDI I MISS U SM meanwhile they the same ones talking Mad shit bout her when she was alive

  4. Fuck all you Nicki fans💀You don’t get NICKI started it dumb bitches

  5. Niki never did anything to cardi cardi is the one who takes over niki and I know cardi is still jealous of niki

  6. Ok if you guys don't like cardi say that to her face

  7. I LOVE Nicky and cardi I wish they could just quit the feud

  8. you know Hollywoodlife sometimes people dont like people telling other people this things not trying to be rude

  9. Even Cardi B's teeth are on point. 😥💜👄

  10. Um….correction, Cardi didn't throw her shoe to Nicki…..well it is based on the video I watched 3 weeks ago. She had thrown her shoe to Nicki's friend…so is it really Nicki Minaj her enemy or Nicki's friend?

  11. "what really set cardi off" Off.. set.. OFFSET-

  12. The person who is hosting or whatever has a really annoying voice.

  13. I want them to make a song about their daughter 😭

  14. Omg thats so cuteee she actually did what my uncle did when they went a show of offset

  15. Oof cardi is just too problematic. this is why I prefer the unproblematic queen nicki

  16. They're now friends 👭👬👫

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  18. lol maybe Whole Foods like yea that’s only in California so…..

  19. But Nicki can’t have kids so why did cardi make that comment?? Team Nicki Like and Cardi Comment

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  22. so….can she blend her foundation first?

  23. shut up cardi after what she did to blacswan she should have nothing to say about people mistreating her or disrespecting her

  24. cardi is a nasty hoe ass bitch looking like a lizzard going straight to hell nasty bitch

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