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Cardi B Slams Bird Box In Hilarious Review | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B Slams Bird Box In Hilarious Review | Hollywoodlife

One Cardi B fan gets a tattoo of her face! Cardi reacts to watching Birdbox in a hilarious video. Plus – you’ll be craving all things Coi Leray. #CardiB #Offset #CoiLeray

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Poor Kulture! Cardi B, 26, announced that her five-month-old was suffering from a cold on Jan. 6 — and her baby girl still isn’t better! The new mom proved this when she shared yet another video of her little one in her arms, and although Kulture’s face couldn’t be seen, her labored breathing was audible. Cardi’s daughter was sleeping in her arms, her hand resting at the opening of her mom’s bathrobe. “Still sicky,” Cardi wrote over the footage. “And all she wants is mommy.” While it’s a relief that Kulture seems to be off of the breathing machine that the rapper featured in an earlier video, it still has to be so hard for Cardi to see her little one this way. Luckily, she’s been getting help from her family members — but reportedly not from Offset, 27.

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 Cardi B Slams Bird Box In Hilarious Review | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Would you get a tattoo of a celebrity?

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  2. Its a meme go away cardi! Listening to good form anyways smh

  3. Haha it doesnt even look like her

  4. 2:04 got me trippinnnnnnnn😂😂🤣🤣

  5. If cardi was in birdbox if somebody said it's payday she done dead

  6. i would get a tattoo of you

  7. A bird speaks on a bird and dont understand, of course not, shes a rock brain , and Cardi fake numbers not fkn with Drake, he is a man of many talents with too much first hand handling , ,but nice try ..

  8. I regret watching this thanks for nothing annoying ass lady

  9. Seeing their bills #cardib 😂😂😂

  10. It says at the beginning what they see 😂

  11. Hahhahahaha 'ARE THEY FCKN SEEING THEIR BILLS?' Hahahahahaa i lost it

  12. Fr wtf is they seeing 🙄

  13. haha are they seeing their bills

  14. What is her ig because I typed her name and it didn’t come up. Interested in her new single.

  15. I bet it was those bills they prob were to high 😂

  16. I've never even heard of these females ! Lol must not be relevant 😈


  18. cardi shut up and watch the damn movie… it was a great movie.

  19. Ok bird box was amazing … cardi is too but girl stfu

  20. Drake puns , on point 😂😂😂😂💯

  21. Yes and don’t throw shad at cardi

  22. Cardi needs to be quiet on birdbox. I mean, Kitty Softpaws (Sandra Bullock for those who don't know Puss in Boots) is 10× better than Cardi B

  23. Are they seeing they bills?…lmao😂🤣😆

  24. That fan tattoo sh*t is scary.If she doesn't have a tattoo of her mom ,father or child on the other arm ,she needs to reevaluate life.

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