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Cardi B Slams Nicki Minaj For Shading Her Success | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B Slams Nicki Minaj For Shading Her Success | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B slams Nicki Minaj’s comments about her. Plus – Cardi B remixes Drake’s In My Feeling while singing to baby Kulture. #cardib #nickiminaj #drake

Cardi B, 25, reportedly had child services called on her in Atlanta after an alleged social media spat with a fan, where she allegedly threatened to “drop” her baby! Things got heated during an apparent fiery exchange between Cardi and a Nicki Minaj fan, when the Instagram user (according to the below screenshot) told Cardi and her sister Hennessy that they would “never” be on Nicki’s level. While Cardi and her sister appear to not have participated in any Nicki disses, Cardi did engage in talks to physically fight the fan. And, Cardi wasn’t messing around.

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2018/08/13/cardi-b-threatens-drop-baby-fight-nicki-minaj-fan-child-services-instagram-feud/

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Cardi B Slams Nicki Minaj For Shading Her Success | Hollywoodlife


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  1. So tf what if you don’t write your own shit? if you got it, you fuckin got it ! it’s holly fuckin wood beybeyyyyyy 💁🏻‍♀️

  2. Cardi b is the queen and niki is beefy

  3. Wait a minute Nikki knew her passion before she was famous. She is a true rapper. She has good music. Cardi in the other hand started in the strip club music was not her passion. She was doing disgusting things for money. She doesn’t write her music on her own. So no comparison. Have a good night y’all


  5. people be like why tf do cardi and Niki have to beef but everyone out there enjoys Eminem and mgk beefing ?
    Mgk is out there cuz of em and so is cardi cuz of Niki

  6. Hollywood life Why do you always make beef? These women are both beautiful song writers. NO one should be comparing these amazing female rappers. It’s straight up disrespectful to say something about someone else’s business, When YOUR not even a part of it! Stop making people chose sides, that just places awkwardness between the beautiful female rappers. So all I ask is to mind you business, Please

  7. Befor cardi was here this drama essentially here that much

  8. Guys let me tell the truth I hate cardi 🙄🤐I don't love her like Nicki

  9. chick file employe but you wrote stupid uuuuhhh yeah she wrote like 10 words

  10. Tbh their really shouldn't be a "queen" of hip hop or whatever genre it is! This should be a opportunity for women to come together and make music together and support each other!! Still love Nicki and cardi tho❤❤

  11. Nicki is a selfish bish and she needs to act almost 40.Cardi is in her early 20s with a lot of time to learn.She not a industry puppet yet like Nicki she's a in the streets chick making her mark in this rap game.You cant knock her or forget where she came from because look at where she's going and what shes doing now.A lot of you huzzies have horrible past tf.

  12. Cardi b is not better then nicki

  13. Cardy bitch need to go back to school and learns some manners. You are just new comer, Respect to senior singer bitch !

  14. The hostess is unfunny. Quit with your stupid jokes.

  15. It's not real it's alll promotion they both just dropped a single Nikki has a new radio station Cardi b****has a makeup new makeup line. It's all publicity and promotion$$$$$$$$$

  16. Nicki is so insecure. Biiiiish

  17. which one do you like Niki or cardib

  18. Queens don’t have to prove themselves or try to fight for their spot in the thrown. Nikki just throwin a tantrum. Someone would’ve talked about my parenting skills too I probably would’ve done the same shit. Nikki creating her own drama. She loves it tho

  19. So niki did not hit cardi and niki was being a lier but love both of them

  20. Niki did not beat up cardi her bodygaurd did so there for niki is a scary A$$ b####

  21. I’m sitting here watching The Barbz and Bardi Gang go in on war sips tea The gates of Hell have broken loose… Stream Invasion of privacy and Queen 🌚😘

  22. Nicki bang artist for she success ?

  23. Oh well Nicki don't give a shit. Nicki is better than you by far go bark at ur mngr

  24. Look ill tell u guys the truth u guys can choose who u want but Cardi i prefer sorry for all u Nicki lover's but just know dont come at me because like im just saying my opinion like. I will come at u 💜💜Cardi for life👌💓

  25. Cardi B : Comment
    Nicki Minaj : Like

  26. Cardi B is an underdog and will now rise to the top and take all her underdogs with her and there is a lot. Because she is not afraid to cry and show her true feelings good and bad in front of the world, this makes her unstoppable. This makes her undeniably "REAL" Why cant you people " get it?

  27. Nicky's d best,no contest, cardi u nid to go solve ur mental issues nd get some rest
    Nicky 4 lyf

  28. Cardi why you talking all that shit you just got famous you aint worked hard for shit, you keep throwing yo shoes but no hands theres no "talent" in feuding. Nicki been in this game longer that you and have more talent bitch the only shit you will ever be good at is being on the pole being with yo baby daddy cheating on you. At the end of the day Cardi stop comimg for Nicki crown she forever king. At the same time they both be wrong in the own ways when it come to arguing back and forth. Every comeback get more personal to get the other one more heated just stop cause all yall doing is putting on a show and Nicki you too good for that. Cardi just stop and take care of yo daughter and do you. (remember Nicki walked out untouched Cardi got that big ass lump over her eye😂)

  29. Nicki is the past. Cardi is the present and future.
    Nicki should just go back to dressing up like a doll and dance for kids again.

  30. No it’s called cardi came out with a bump and Nicky came out looking like a queen 🖕🏽😂

  31. without that feefe song no one would have taken a 2nd look at that album lol she used 69 for the numbers/relevancy

  32. Nicki is the best and she's saying facts…if cardi or Iggy or whoever feels upset then fuck them

  33. Nikki way here sense i was born

  34. Nicki Minaj is going full Kanye with these allegations. Girl if you want number 1 make good music. Don’t @me

  35. for who broke the replay button: 1:03😍😍

  36. Cardi in MY opinion is best. My opinion, ok bitches? Mine, Mine, better read this before you start coming at me "OMG nICKI is QUEEn yoU sO dumB HaHAAAAAW" yall be acting like donkey shrek mhm annoying asses

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