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Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Full Length Kickboxing Workout Video by Fitness Blender

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  1. Aprox. How many calories do you burn in a session?

  2. This was lovely. Feel cleansed from sweating so much

  3. I usually stick with Kelli because I think his will be harder but Kelli has trained me for this moment And daniel has a hand in those work out routines and voiced over some so here I go

  4. The jumping jacks in the warming up felt like 200 minutes instead of 2! 😄

  5. Totally wish I had a punching bag in front of me 🙁 Also no cool down?? Porque?!

  6. Kickboxing is SO much fun, and I get way too into it pretending I'm in some action movie or something 😛 Thanks for the workout. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it!!

  7. I like that there's much more leg moves than in other kickboxing routines


  9. Best way to start the day! keep the good work 😻👏🏻

  10. This one kicked my butt today! thanks!

  11. Genial, no domino el ingles para comentar en ese idioma, pero aun así, grecas por estos vídeos! un saludo desde México

  12. one of my favorite workouts of all time!!!

  13. It trained me to fight😎😎

  14. Can't belive I almost didn't workout today. I would have missed out on the awesome feeling I have at the moment. I will never thank you two enough for this channel #workoutcomplete

  15. this workout is amazing. I wish I could have something to actually punch instead of shadowboxing.

  16. i punched myself on accident lol

  17. Under Armour apparel with Addida's socks and shoes? 🤔☺️
    Nonetheless, great vid! lol

  18. Tried kickboxing the first time ever.. It was so brutal and was out of breathe.. Got really tired in the last 5 mins! But I feel awesome after finishing it! 😀😀 my whole shirt is wet.. That's a good sign

  19. I did this workout on my boxing bag lol

  20. does this really burn 270-405 calories

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