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Cassie Reveals Pregnancy After Diddy Break Up

Cassie Reveals Pregnancy After Diddy Break Up

Add one more person to that “Me & U” track! Singer Cassie, 32, will be welcoming a child with new boyfriend Alex Fine, 26 — they’ll both be first-time parents. The lovers broke the news on their respective Instagram accounts on June 12, and Cassie kept her announcement short but sweet. She shared a professional photo of her and Alex in the front seat of a retro car [SEEN HERE] with the caption, “Can’t wait to meet our baby girl 💗 Love You Always & Forever.” That’s right — Cassie is having a daughter! Now, buckle up and play an emotional track — we suggest Cassie’s “King Of Hearts” — because Alex penned letters for both the mother of his child and daughter.

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  1. Congrats to Cassie & Alex! This is incredible news! What name will they give their daughter?

  2. Diddy ex girlfriend talking about how he abused her https://youtu.be/vP5GZqVPIaQ

  3. Now that’s a good man. Handsome and respecful of himself by doing her right.

  4. Shes going to have a beautiful child!!! I am so happy for her

  5. She already knows the sex?
    Tht means she luje 5months pregnant**
    Congrats bae

  6. Bless them.

    I honestly think it's irrelevant to include Diddy, lol.

  7. So you guys are cool with her being a unmarried baby mama?
    But not cool with her being unmarried to p diddy?🤔
    Fake ass tmz

  8. Beautiful blessings for you both & this is going to be a beautiful little Princess, so happy for you all lol🙏🙏🙏💜💕💙.

  9. That dude is going to be a screw up for sure. Who promises things u can't garentee!!???? A deadbeat

  10. Wow, so beautiful. Congrats Cassie.

  11. so very happy for her!💗

  12. Omg he is so sexy😍😍

  13. My dude really knocked up Diddy's concubine, lol. Imagine all the unspeakable shit Diddy did to her over the years, lol, ultra omega king simp.

  14. Dang she left Diddy and all of that money for a white boy!!! Lol

  15. this dumb comments on the side that want to be funny make me wanna unsubscribe bro

  16. Did anyone else think that was Megan Markel before reading the tittle

  17. I dont think Puff hired this dude to sleep with his girl. Everyone up here congratulating this bullshit. How would you ladies feel if you hired a housekeeper and she ends up getting pregnant by your husband or boyfriend

  18. I just love this host she is just a so fun to watch just a breath of fresh air.

  19. She is wayyy to good for that weirdo creep diddy. I'm glad she found someone else.

  20. I'm so dam happy for cassie her congratulations on the baby girl I know she will be beautiful as her mother she deserves this. Wonderful news

  21. Why are people so comfortable having children out of wedlock? All children deserve a solid family structure. I hope Cassie and her boo are planning on getting married.

  22. Lemme upgrade , lemme lemme upgraaaaaaade you!

  23. The question she asked for a friend was for me
    I'm the friend 😂🤣🤣

  24. Yes Cassie be happy girl get your life sis

  25. I'm so happy for her 💞💞💞💞

  26. MORE Jana content psl

  27. Major upgrade from diddy, wow!

  28. I love Ali she literally is so real doesn't force her hand movements or jokes she is just being herself and owning it unlike other channels trying to sound like her it's annoying..

  29. Haha when you think your funny

  30. I think he is happy for her, he did lose the mother of his children and still fresh, and if anything he’s focusing on his kids. Congrats on there baby and the new journey 🙂

  31. Yes good for her! She deserves to be happy and she will make a great mother

  32. Was waiting on this tea ☕️

  33. Weird bitch y she was fckn him

  34. Only true fans of Hollywood Life can like this
    ⬇️I wish I had true fans ☹️

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