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Cat Diversity | National Geographic

Cat Diversity | National Geographic

Scientists around the world are using modern techniques to explore exactly how and when the first cats were domesticated.
Explorer: Science of Cats : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/explorer/3103/Overview/?source=4003
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Cat Diversity | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. hahaha cat was just using human to get close to rats😂

  2. Animals do not have "pride".
    They have confidence,a trait needed for survival.

  3. thats why there a cat and dog persons

    i am cat person to

  4. I like pigs.
    Cats look down at you,
    Dogs look up at you.
    Pigs treat you as equal.

    Winston Churchill

  5. Imagine a cat that obeys you and looks for you just like a dog does: wouldn't it be terrible and boring? I prefer my kitten, even if she bites me every time i touch her…

  6. that kittie looks like my kittie Shmee:3
    Cats are awesome:D

  7. Cats are popular BECAUSE of their independence. Not everyone has time or energy to attend to a dog. I love cats so much. 🙂

  8. cats are pussies!! get it? get it? cuz…cuz they are pussies…dogs rule!!!

    can i get a thumbs down please ok thank you –>

  9. Isn't felis domesticus the domesticated cat.

  10. now all there is left to do is breed a domesticated lion 😛

  11. gay
    I love cats but that was real boring

  12. Many people don't like cats because of their independence, but that is the reason why I like them. It's also a trait I like in people. I always feel smothered by dogs- they're so clingy. Cat's don't have to demand attention 24/7. My cats have always been there for me when I was sad or sick, but they also give me my space. Cats also take care of themselves, don't need walking, can be quite playful, snuggly, warm, clean, and just so darn cute. I would take a cat over a dog any day..

  13. YAY KITTIES!!! my favorites..

  14. Er… Bengal cats *are* bred from leopard cats. Savannah cats *are* bred from servals. The majority of scientific literature *does* use Felis catus. None of my statements are incorrect. I also never said that Felis catus and silvestris lybica didn't have a common ancestor; they do (I assume you're referring to Driscoll et al, 2007? Take a look at Lipinski et al, 2007; they say the same thing, and use Felis catus).

    Chill out, dude. I have my facts, you have yours. Let's agree to disagree, ok?

  15. Well, then, here are some sites for you to check out, just remove the spaces:
    tiny. cc / BiDEu
    tiny. cc / y75tY
    tiny. cc / I0TP9
    tiny. cc / rdega
    tiny. cc / hVKd0

    Or, if none of those work for you, try Google Scholar. Search "felis silvestris catus", "felis sylvestris catus", and "felis catus" and see what you get.

  16. I'm not arguing that domestic cats can't interbreed with wild cats, because I know they can. What I'm saying is that most scientific literature classifies the domestic cat as its own species. Some don't, most do.

    Just because catus can breed with some subspecies of silvestris doesn't mean that it is a subspecies as well; there are breeds of cats that were developed by crossing domestic cats to wild cats, such as the Bengal (crossed to Asian leopard cats) and the Savannah (crossed to servals).

  17. Domestic cats can also breed successfully with the Asian leopard cat, Prionailurus bengalensis. Does that mean they're a subspecies of bengalensis, too?

  18. Not according to the NCBI and current scientific literature. Felis catus is now listed as a separate species, not a subspecies of Felis silvestris.

  19. Actually, they aren't the same species. The domestic cat is Felis catus while the wildcat (all five subspecies of wildcat) is Felis silvestris.

  20. that was pretty interesting.

  21. Great video! Good work!Love cats!

  22. I wanna Felis cattuspus!

  23. i watch this episode, it was interesting.

  24. i read a true story that a BLIND cat ataked some one breaking in to someones house by attaking the robbers face

  25. no way CATS R SMARTER! my cat can get in any room in my house even if the door is locked i have no idea how she douse is but she duz

  26. there are also loldogs hehe

  27. I realize that, it was meant in jest. I just didnt like his comment about stomping & killing cats.

  28. funnybananna-like I said I love all animals. The only thing Im a squemish about are mice & rats – childhood trauma, lol! Maybe thats why I have so many cats today, to keep the mice away, lol!

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