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CDC director clarifies coronavirus comments made to Washington Post

CDC Director Robert R. Redfield clarifies comments on vaccinations in White House press briefing. Subscribe to Fox Business! https://bit.ly/2D9Cdse Watch …


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  1. Soooooo…. Worse is not more difficult.

  2. More complicated with a and b flu and Corona, what are the odds there will less death's

  3. Now youtube has started to unsubscribe me from this channel, i subscribed back & today that i came to watch this video, it says i am unsubscribed again? Foxbusiness do something about it please perhaps issuing a complain to them? It makes no sense how other news channel on here have more subs than fox, when fox has the highest ratings on cable news in American & many other nations out there, despite cnn paying for streaming platforms to have their content up there or airports

  4. Trump I have faith in you you're the last Dynasty I have faith in you in ways of economics and so forth like political so on

  5. My God
    Why has not this idiot be fired??

  6. More and more briefings I watch…. The more and more certain I'am the government doesn't know what to do with the virus 😒

  7. Task Force = Circus.
    Trump = Clown.

  8. Sad that the lying left have to weaponize everything to try to thwart the greatest president alive

  9. Y is body language so sketchy with this guy

  10. Please tell them to stop doing interviews.

  11. Fauci & Redfield and others need to balance reality with Trumps delusions. They need to keep one foot in both.

  12. Mr. President, why do they have you stand up there when someone is talking? It's weird. Everyone is focusing on your facial responses and we should focus on your expert. Just my two cents. Have a great day today, Mr. President.

  13. Open everything up segust at risk people take extra precautions and let us get to heard immunity already quit dragging this out 160,000 people are going to die period it doesn't matter how you split it up the quicker we make heard immunity the better for everyone the economy everything heard immunity is nature's off switch

  14. I mean the flu season has been going on the entire time this virus has been here, but yes… The flu will magically make it worse next yr. 🙄

  15. Lmfao his new doctor?, correcting his own statements, like fauci did, trump correcting questions from doctors to media, can't trust no one!

  16. Thank you to everyone doing the good work of fighting this virus and rebuilding our economy. This too shall pass. Just don't let the Democrat Bureaunazis tack socialist agenda policies onto every bill we pass to end this thing.

  17. WaPo headline "CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating." Redfield – that's not what I said. WaPo misquoted him, period.

  18. Do trump supporters actually exist?????? Howw

  19. China must be INVESTIGATED, they created this virus for WAR purposes and must be INVESTIGATED and PUNISHED.

  20. So third world countries are able to control this virus better than America, The president stands on stage everyday causing confusion and chaos , The devos family is funding virus spreading protest and trump is talking about liberating state and telling people to protect there 2nd amendment rights during a pandemic , The fbi is intercepting supplies purchased by the states, Donald trump said he didn't want the numbers to o up, 2 months later we are still having testing issues . Trump and fox keep lying, and people keep dying …. What is really going on folks?

  21. I guess the N95 mask got used up fighting forest fires?🔥😕😰

  22. I report media outlets that spread fake news on YouTube.
    I Click report, spam or misleading. And YouTube thanks me.

  23. (C)Certificate

    not a coincidence folks

  24. Happy Birthday First Lady

  25. No matter what he say media will spin it in to their own advantage.

  26. Con bug. 60ghz in classrooms is gonna be problem coming up.

  27. This means you need to get a seasonal flue shot plus Corona virus shot too.

  28. After he clarified here, he clarified again that his statement to The Post was accurate. We were never in containment as a country. State by state containment as governors are on their own.

  29. Washington Post lied to US to make some fake point.

  30. I just got over a small cold. People in my building are freaking out now. "Does he have the Corona's?" No I do not, it was just a small cold. I took some stuff for it and am all better but you can't tell scared people anything. . .

  31. With Trump standing over him

  32. Fell on his sword at Trumps demand. Can’t disagree with the boss or “you’re fired”.

  33. I lived under an authoritarian regime. Officials backpedaled like this in that nation as well. Trump needs to go.

  34. What I'm seeing, is that these people love Donald Trump. They are exchanging their credibility to please him and to hell with care for human lives and truth. I can say one thing though…these remarkable experts learn how to do the "backtrack" and the "sidestep" very quickly!

  35. dirty donnie standing there looking really dumb, mega dumb

  36. For the love of God do any of these people have balls to stand up and actually speak the truth. This back and forth bs is getting old. All because a certain person feels that it makes them look bad, gets some balls and protect the people 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  37. Can they adress my comment???👉🏻covid 19 stands for (c)hineese (o)rchastrated (v)olatile (i)nfectious (d)eseas 20(19)👉🏻🤏🏻

  38. Watch steve ben noon he say's the truth

  39. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  40. Trump stands there so awkwardly lolol I can. not. 😂

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