Erik Conover Video Blog Ep.136 CENTRAL PARK STROLL
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June 14th, 2015

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  1. @11:00 she used to say she likes the vlogs…. but now she doesnt and wont be on Erik's volgs anymore… so sad… but they will and always be my favorite couple!!!!

  2. hey erik and jess your vlogs are really inspiring .
    You both got such a postitv attitude that makes me more appreciate the litte things in life.
    And thank you for always making me laugh
    greetings from Germany 🙂

  3. This comment is very late but I'm Irish. Would highly recommend you go to county Clare on the west coast. It is absolutely breathtaking! You could go surfing in Lahinch there! Think you'd both love it.

  4. Jessica, where is your dress from??

  5. its my first time viewing you two very interesting stroll so many to discuss.

  6. If you do come to Ireland, Come to Cork, it's a really old city and beautiful and you'll have to come down to crosshaven, we have the oldest yacht club in the world!

  7. If you do come to Ireland, Come to Cork, it's a really old city and beautiful and you'll have to come down to crosshaven, we have the oldest yacht club in the world!

  8. If you do come to Ireland, Come to Cork, it's a really old city and beautiful and you'll have to come down to crosshaven, we have the oldest yacht club in the world!

  9. should deffinately link up with +Joeroe Vlogs he is going to be out there this JAnuary 1 2016

  10. Irish subbie! 😀 I live near Killarney and I think you would both love it so much full of castles and pubs, oh..and 'Skellig Michael' it's breathtaking they're filming Star Wars there currently. Slainte! 🙂

  11. Hey guys! why don't you try Couchsurfing in Ireland?? it's a web and you contact people so they host you and spend time with you if they can! It's an amazing experience with locals and also, it's free, I have tried it this summer all around Italy and loved it! I met so many people and it is definetly one of the best things I have done ever! Love you guys!

  12. Hi guys, I'm Irish and live in Manhattan so if you want to meetup some time I can give you the in & out to maximize your stay there.

  13. Im from Ireland, i know I'm late commenting on this video but go to somewhere coastal, surprisingly Ireland have a lot of nice beaches, with castles and nice villages beside them. Go to Wexford, Kilkenny, Mayo or Sligo and after having a great time in the countryside and small villages you can shop until you drop in Dublin. It has tonnes of nice stores you can buy stuff in e.g clothes, shoes and anything you want. 
      Greetings from Ireland, enjoy!!

  14. I'm from the west of Ireland. If you're going to Ireland, I'd really recommend going to the small towns which are packed with pubs&friendly people, maybe go to the cities(e.g Dublin) for a night. Look up on google the best places to go in Ireland and you'll find some really amazing places to go. I haven't stopped watching your vlogs btw, I love them so much!! It's my dream go to NYC and your vlogs make me starstruck just by watching the city behind you. I hope to live there in a few years time and your vlogs just make me love it even more, thank you!

  15. i think i started watching about a week ago and i haven't watched tv since! no canned laughter – no negative or positive spin on neg talk – – feeling freer and smiling more 🙂

  16. Come to Northern Ireland!!!

  17. I live in Ireland. Down south 😀

  18. Another great vlog…cinematography is on pointe!

  19. When I first subscribed you had around 2000 followers and look at the number now! I appreciate you writing back to my comments when u can..it makes me feel like you are on the other side of the computer and no one is reading anything haha. Hopefully that makes sense. Great video!

  20. New to your channel but I feel like I've known and watched your videos for ages. Love the good vibes and content, keep it up!!

  21. I'm from Ireland and I would totally recommend flying into Shannon, from there you can see bunratty castle and the cliffs of moher in clare. You can also travel down to dingle or Killarney in kerry for a proper Irish feel of things. Cork is also a great spot it's near enough to blarney castle and it's a great city, Hope this has helped.

  22. in which manhatten district do u live in ?

  23. I'm from Ireland and I'm actually a YouTuber too so if you want any help with regards to anything just let me know and I'd be happy to comply! 😃

  24. For Irish places and local hang out, Contact Jonathan SacconeJoly……HUGE vlogger.  They now live in England but from Ireland  He is very friendly and could give you local info!  Tell him Julie Thompson miller sent you!

  25. 7000 subs! Congrats! Even though I've only been watching you for a short time your subscribers keep going up and up!

  26. June 14th was my birthday!! Its nice to know that even you guys had a good day too! 🙂

  27. Just got this in my email 🙂 5 Night trip with air & car from New York. You get to stay at 4 different castles in Ireland for $799 each. It may not be a B&B but each of the castles have a 4 or 5 star rating… http://tinyurl.com/ot3gql7

  28. My mom and I were at Belvedere Castle the day before you!

  29. oh NYC looks so amazing! 🙂

  30. What are "dinges"? Is it a reference to the various waffle toppings? An internet search provided no definition.

  31. Have you guys ever been to the MoMA?

  32. You should come to the Curragh in Kildare if you want to see sheep haha, I'd recommend Kerry for a nice spot to visit, beautiful scenery and loads to do there!

  33. This is really random, but I love how you edit the audio in your videos; overlaying different video clips over the existing audio tracks and also mixing the music with the sounds of the environment (or something along those lines?). So cool Erik! 😀

  34. man i love how you edit the different scenes together you have a good eye for capturing things,jess  has such natural beauty some great shots of her,ye i agree had to be alien help with those huge stones and pyramids,people chiseling away on stones and pulling them miles to its position,jokes on us for believing its human power ,,cork in Ireland is great, plenty drinking there and great friendly people

  35. If you're wanting to see castles, you should consider visiting Northumberland in England. Loving the vlogs!

  36. I can't quite pinpoint it, but there is something so charming about your vlogs. It is probably the way you see and think about the world/life and it comes through perfectly.

  37. This might sound weird but the music you used around the 4 minute mark during your bike ride was like a nostalgic throwback to your old videos!

  38. Your blogs are so much better then when you started. You've progressed so much! 🙂

  39. I Live in Ireland 🙂

  40. Ireland sounds amazing! I can already imagine the amazing shots you can get of the centuries old castles and the lush green fields.

  41. Yes Erik please do a meet up!! Would love to finally meet you guys and the awesome community you are building in this channel. Yay summer meet up!!! 😂✌️👌☺️

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